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Dreamkeepers Forums - Standard greeting.

Forum - Reality - Salutations

Subscribe to this thread Standard greeting. created by Shadowcat on November 24, 2014

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Shadowcat11/24/14 8:29pm
Hello fellow forum goers. Veteran forumer here looking to haunt this place next.

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CoolCoyote11/24/14 11:19pm
Welcome foremer and possible super hero! Welcome and salutations!

Are you new to the DK universe or by vetren forumer do you mean you are a returning user to this forum? :3

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origamifan11/25/14 4:24am
Welcome to our world, pal!

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Shadowcat11/25/14 5:49am
"New" would be the appropriate term however I've known of DK since volume 2 I believe, Lost the name for a few years till I noticed a familiar picture the other day and followed it here.

As for super hero: sorry, wrong shadowcat :9

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MobileCrusader11/25/14 8:00am
Hello there! I am MobileCrusader, one of four of the moderators here, and also the moderator of the Dreamkeepers Subreddit /r/Dreamkeepers

I welcome you back to our wonderful community. Its nice to see users returning to such a great series.

If you are interested, there is a lot going on here these days. There are discussions ongoing throughout the forum, active Role Plays, a raffle for free copies of volume 4 when it releases, a Skype and Steam group, and a Live chat every Thursday at 9:00pm with Dave.

If you need anything at all, do not be afraid to pm me or any of the other mods.

I hope you enjoy your stay here!

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Prometheus11/25/14 10:13am
Greetings, Shadowcat. Welcome to the DK forums.

I am one of the moderators for the forums, along with MobileCrusader, DanWithTheHat, and PotatoFox, and I'd like to say, "Welcome!" :)

MobileCrusader has already informed you of the forum activities and live chat. Just to add to your list of things to check out, there is also a DK fan group on deviantART, where fan-made art and literature of the graphic novel series can be found.

Please enjoy your stay and we hope to see you in the midst of DK chit-chat! :D

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Prometheus11/25/14 10:15am
Also, be sure to check the forum rules and be aware that there are adult-themed threads containing adult material in the LOOKIT THIS! section of the forum. Enter these threads at your own risk.

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origamifan11/25/14 1:36pm
yeah, if Asora passes by, he will explain more about it.
Brace yourself.

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Shadowcat11/25/14 7:38pm
Steam group, Il pop by and see about joining.

18+? Why yes I wouldn't want my innocent virgin eyes horribly stained by anything atrociously bad. :)

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DanWithTheHat11/26/14 10:27am
Welcome to the forums! Feel free to haunt any of the discussions we have :)

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Asora11/26/14 6:27pm
HELLO COMRADE! My name is Asora! Or you could call me Asora! I am that type of guy who jokes around and helps people out who are in need, and comes up with awesome and creative ideas, and since I'm the first one to contact you (which I am not), be ready to see others congratulating and welcoming you to a world of "pure-imagination".


So, ShadowCat-

Are you ready to see and read topics that are never before discussed in any other thread in the internet, and the ones that are to come in these Forums?

Are you ready to meet new people, who are all good and BADASS and came from the country called "KICK-ASSIA", who are again BADASS and have personal stories and ideas to tell?!

Are you ready to see things that are so awesome, so gruesome, so scary, so sexy - wait, wwwwhhhhhat!!!?

(Yeah, I guess you didn't knew huh? In the "LOOKATTHIS!" category, you can see on your computer a thread called "The Official Thread of Naughtiness (18+ Users Only), which in FACT contains........well....ya know....IT'S SELF EXPLANATORY!! NO QUESTIONS!!)

Anyways, are you ready, dear brother ShadowCat, to see the DK UNIVERSE!?!?!?!?



P.S. This is going to be my official greetings for newcomers. Don't judge me........

P.S.S. I have a man punching a bear.

P.S.S.S. Hi.

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Shadowcat11/27/14 5:09pm
Really? This forum seems rather, well, tame. You wouldn't be exaggerating now would you? :3

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Asora11/27/14 6:17pm


*throws table at ShadowCat's face*

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Shadowcat11/27/14 6:38pm
Who is this "ShadowCat" you throw tables at? I am Shadowcat: lord of pumpkins, Nihilistic counquerer of tiny nations.

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Asora11/27/14 6:50pm
OH YEAH!? Well I am Asora! Being of humbleness and righteousness, Man who tries to shepherd the weak, and Slayer of the sinful and wicked!

And I say say this to the: BRING IT ON LORD OF THE PUMPKINS! *draws sword*

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