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Subscribe to this thread Most Favorite Character? created by JudasScorpioDeMazier on November 21, 2014

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Kirito1/16/15 4:16am
oh sorry to hear =(

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ST34LTH1/16/15 5:28am
Pfft, don't sweat it, I meant it mostly as a joke ;P

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Asora1/16/15 6:49pm

Where is Namah?

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Kirito1/17/15 4:47am
Namah is eh for me. WAY better than lilith, but eh. She's cool. She got #3 though on my list

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Asora1/17/15 8:52am

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Dawonguy1/25/15 9:36pm
I guess this is my top 10 (and why)

1. Namah (her prelude arcs were kind of what hooked me on DK)
2. Vanth (kind of biased because bats are awesome)
3. Bobby (he's the big brother the orphanage needed)
4. Lilith (nice person and the older sister that Namah kind of needs)
5. Bast (not much is known about him, but he's got potential)
6. Vi (she's pretty cool and reminds me of Vi from League of Legends)
7. Mace (he can be impulsive and immature yet tricky and ambitious with his pranks and serious when needed)
8. Woods, Bill, and Damon (I kind of feel sorry for these 3 in the prelude because of Namah and in the GNS when they lost their jobs)
9. Evzen (he's alright)
10. Grunn (hey, I wouldn't want to deal with children all day either)

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crazyhead421/25/15 9:46pm
Vanith. (which is why she's my picture ^.^)
Namah. (I have a thing for evil goodguys. Also, Good villains. It's wierd.)

Maybe it's the troubled characters I choose to connect to. I don't know. I'm weird. Meh, WEIRD AWAY!

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Kirito1/26/15 3:52am
one does not simply put Evzen in their top ten and say he's merely alright

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Asora1/26/15 11:07am


One does not simply, spell Vanth's name wrong.

*takes out AK-47*

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Dawonguy1/26/15 4:23pm
Fine, Kirito, I'll elaborate. Evzen just didn't make that great of an impression on me. Sure he had his moments when telling off Randy and in the library when purposefully knocking over books to talk to the librarian (#so done) as well as a cool design, but between the lack of screen time and development, I just didn't think too much of him. If he made an appearance in the GNS and showed some change, that might be a different story, but until that happens if it happens, he's just alright in my opinion.

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MobileCrusader1/26/15 4:35pm
Fair enough. Hopefully his character will be more fleshed out in the coming chapters.

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Asora1/26/15 4:46pm
Yeah, I'm kind've on the same page with Dawonguy over here (no offense).

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Kirito1/26/15 6:17pm
none taken. It's pretty hard to like a character that hardly shows up XD

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ST34LTH1/27/15 7:26am
@Crazyhead - Or perhaps you just like colourful/grey characters, instead of the classic black and white clichés. ;)

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crazyhead421/27/15 11:59pm
@ST34LTH, that's a possibility. I am anti-cliche. But you aint takin away my evils! I EVILS!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

It's 11:00. Don't judge me.

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