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Subscribe to this thread Most Favorite Character? created by JudasScorpioDeMazier on November 21, 2014

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Kymastrider1/14/15 5:49pm
karo hasn't had much time to be fleshed out yet, but I think he's going to end up becoming my favorite character, perhaps its a similar effect to Evzen's fandom.

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Kirito1/14/15 5:55pm
exactly. He reminds me a lot of Evzen which is a good thing =)

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Asora1/14/15 6:06pm

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Kirito1/14/15 6:17pm
Asora let's tone down the memes okay?

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Asora1/14/15 6:39pm
Okay. :3

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DanWithTheHat1/14/15 9:36pm
Karo is one of my favorites as well. He's at the top of my coolness factor rankings.

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Kirito1/15/15 3:45am
Yeah, I'm excited to see more of him in V4 =3

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Aman37121/15/15 6:12am
My favorite character in DK would be Namah, hands down.

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Asora1/15/15 2:14pm
*gives Aman a hug*

.......I know that feel bro......

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Kirito1/15/15 5:44pm
the top of my coolness factor would be Evzen Karo and Bobby (or vi)

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ST34LTH1/15/15 6:10pm
Looking forward to seeing this Karo character (Yes, I'm poor; deal with it ;3)

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Kirito1/15/15 6:19pm
when did being poor get into this conversation? D=

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Asora1/15/15 6:22pm

*looks at Kirito with the look - eats hamburger*

HMMM-HPH! That's one mighty tasty, excuse me, but, where is Namah?

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Kobalt951/15/15 7:28pm
My favorite characters (Honestly, I love 80-90% of the characters in Dreamkeepers, but if I had to narrow my choices down to a list, here it is :P ).

1- Mace
2- Namah
3- Vi
4- Lilith
5- Bast
6- Evzen
7- Whip
8- Scinter
9- Grunn
10- Bobby

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ST34LTH1/15/15 8:25pm
@Kirito - Being poor came into the convo since I've seen nothing of him in the free GNS (or just missed him) and don't have a copy of the 'full version' comic.

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