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Subscribe to this thread Most Favorite Character? created by JudasScorpioDeMazier on November 21, 2014

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JudasScorpioDeMazier11/21/14 7:38pm
Thought that a thread like this could fit well in here, if not oh well...

The question here is simple; Who is your favorite character in the Dreamkeepers franchise, and why?

For me It'd without a doubt be Wisp, since I've always found the most unstable/chaotic characters in anything the most entertaining for me. That and I fell as that there's some real potential for her to possibly have a 'coming of age' (don't know how else to describe it) story underlying the main story in the graphic novel saga.

Also, her design is just incredible to me <3

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MobileCrusader11/22/14 12:11pm
Namah, easy. She's such a great deal removed from the standard trope of princess in a tower that I can't get over it. Her wild nature, cool fury, confidence, intelligence, I love it all.

Also, her design is straight baller.

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Asora11/22/14 6:09pm
Namah, or Wisp. Hm, let me about -

BOTH! *throws a bucket of ducks*

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JudasScorpioDeMazier11/22/14 6:18pm

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Asora11/22/14 6:20pm

It was not me, it was my alternate self, which is dead, for about a few weeks now. Yeah.

*awkward silence. Runs to the hills*

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BryanDimmsdale11/23/14 5:29am
Hmmmm, it's so hard to choose, but just to be sure I've split it up:

The most favorite hero would probably be Viriathus. Not because she's epic awesome, but because she has that dramatic attitude, that snappy personality, and that authoritative feel to her; at the same time she's quite a straightforward type of person, which is mostly seen on tomboys, and I have crushes on tomboyish girls. I also find her aggressiveness cute and sexy because I like how explosive her expressions and actions are. And how she poses, aw man, tell me if this pose is not sexy , I think it's sexy. Also, I like the way she strategize things now and became the some sort of head of a Troika squad, and I think that's both courageous and awesome. I would also love to add this; if Bobby became a brotherly or a fatherly figure to the younger orphans, Vi would probably be the mother or the big sister, because even if she punches everyone, she only does that because I believe she cares for other people and only wants what best for them, and also to realize their senses. Heck, if Vi would visit the orphanage from time to time, she may have to put Randy some senses before he does anything stupid, which he did. She's kinda like Toph in the Last Airbender, actually.

Sorry Namah, looks like you come close second. X(

The most favorite villain, on the other hand, would have to be Tinsel; yes everyone, I like Tinsel Nanaja. It's because I have this feeling that she is really innocent before, far innocent than Wisp. I also believe she's a sane person who have everything since she was a teenager or a kid; parents, fame, money, luck, everything, until something very tragic happened to her. Even she's a jerk now, I still feel pity for her, I believe she can be healed than Wisp would; I just felt so sad for her. Also, she's quite an interesting villain, made to "love to hate". The way she manipulates people is good, and I feel that in the ending, when I've imagined that she's bleeding and nearly dying, she would just cry and blame all her fault and all her mistakes, and maybe asking the heroes to just end her suffering, and how she wishes her life could be better. I can view Tinsel more of a fallen hero rather than just another type of greedy character; it's not that she wanted evil, but because of the influences that causes her to be evil and betray the Troikas. But that's just my opinion. I just have this feeling.

Sorry Wisp, you are also my favorite, but I think I prefer Tinsel more.

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MobileCrusader11/23/14 10:24am
"If Bobby became a brotherly or a fatherly figure to the younger orphans, Vi would probably be the mother or the big sister."

I've made this same argument in both the Mace and Vi threads I believe.

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Asora11/23/14 10:41am
You know, I actually just came up with an idea were in an alternate universe, Bobby and Vi are the mother and father of Mace, Whip, and the other orphans while having regular family dilemas in a town where other familiar DK GNS characters live in.

I think that would be pretty funny and interesting, don't you think?

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Prometheus11/23/14 10:41am
Ooooooh, hoo hoo, hoooo. I was wondering when a thread like this would pop up.

I would have to go with Bast. Namah and Vi are competing for a close second.

Bast is the kind of character that I can't get enough of. Mysterious, anti-social, athletic, doesn't take crap, and has a touch of emo. Alot of these traits are shared with the fanfiction characters I create.

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MobileCrusader11/23/14 3:32pm
IMO Bast is the most standard archetype of the group. I dont hold that against him, or Dave, I just think that he isnt as mold-breaking as the others.

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Asora11/23/14 4:06pm
Every character in the GNS is a some-what "improved" stereotype in their own individual way actually.

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MobileCrusader11/23/14 8:25pm
Yes, you are correct.

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Asora11/24/14 10:01am
*throws a bucket of cookies*

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DanWithTheHat11/26/14 9:51am
Right now, My *most* favorite character is Mace. He may not be the tallest, the smartest, or have fancy powers (just yet) but he finds a way to deal with anything in his path, somehow. I really like that personality trait in characters.

If Bobby becomes more developed as a characer though in the GNS, he may take over as my favorite character. He just looks awesome.

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Asora11/26/14 11:08am
I guess Dan is going to-

*puts on sunglasses*

-like himself.

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