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Subscribe to this thread Karo created by Kymastrider on November 20, 2014

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Kymastrider11/20/14 10:14pm
Thought id start a thread about a character that has yet to be seen much in the graphic novel Saga.

So far we only see him make a minor cameo in a panel of page 82 in volume 3, however since they included an entire character sheet for him on the production notes section of that same volume I think it's safe to say were going to be seeing him a lot more in future volumes.

What we know so far, His appearance is based on a type of four-winged feather-tailed dinosaur. Supposably his personality is supremely cocky. In page 102 (Under a Bucket) of the prelude he's briefly mentioned in dialog between Krin and Narp. Krin says "Why? What does Grunn do when he's mad?" Narp Says "You weren't here back when Karo was around, were you?" Krin says "No-who's Karo" Narp says "exactly"

So if we can guess that Karo lived at that orphanage before Krin moved in (in a time before the prelude) we can probably guess he was in the same age group as Bobby and Vi, as of late its unknown how well Bobby and Vi knew Karo but if the three of them knew each other back when they all lived at the orphanage, and Karo was recruited by the Troika first it might shed some light on how Bobby and Vi were recruited later.

I'm already stoked about this character, even if he has yet to make his big move in the graphic novel.

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MobileCrusader11/21/14 7:07pm
Ive never seen this character sheet. Link?

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Kymastrider11/21/14 7:17pm
I cant find it online, but if you have a psychical copy of volume 3 if you look at the end of the book in the section titled production notes there is a page dedicated to him, I cant say if its the same for E-books or stuff like that.

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MobileCrusader11/21/14 7:22pm
but now i gotta lean over and reach for the book!

uggg... (lazy me...)

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MobileCrusader11/21/14 7:25pm
I did it.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier11/21/14 7:27pm
Congrat's man.

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Kymastrider11/21/14 7:33pm
I speculate that if Karo grew up at the orphanage with Bobby and Vi (and who knows who else before the current orphans came along) Then I suspect that Karo was like the Mace of the orphanage years before mace came along, I could easily imagine a younger version of him pulling pranks on Grunn.

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MobileCrusader11/22/14 12:02pm
And grunns just completely over it.

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Prometheus11/23/14 1:01pm
So, I guess we can safely assume the orphanage is a training ground of some sort, since Karo ended up with the resistance. Grunn constantly abusing the orphans would surely toughen them up with time. I'd go out on a limb and say that most of the orphans we know probably won't be able to find a home, but will end up finding a home with the Troika (barring they don't fall for any of Randy's crap).

Karo possibly being recruited before Bobby and Vi, then those two being recruited later on, it just feels like the orphanage is not just an orphanage.

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MobileCrusader11/23/14 3:29pm
The orphanage may be where prospective children, all orphans, are sent to see if they stack up.

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SuperTurbo411/27/14 12:51am
I suppose if the orphans can survive Grunn, they can survive anything.

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MobileCrusader11/27/14 10:06am
If they can survive Grunn's abusive totalitarian upbringing, they can survive in the resistance military.

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SuperTurbo411/28/14 1:05am
Not to mention the next Nightmare War.

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ZycantAlpha11/28/14 11:26am
Of course, that's still a bit "if" on the survival of upbringing.

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DanWithTheHat11/28/14 12:02pm
Maybe Karo was recruited first because he was the first to find out or suspect something about the Troika and their mission. From the looks of it, he gave Grunn a hard time during his time there and that usually means getting into stuff Grunn does not want you a part of (like his room, his food, his porn XD). If he had found out something like that, the Troika would have no choice but to bring him into the organization so he doesn't go to the "authorities" with his info and blow their cover.

Right now in the prelude, both Bobby and Vi starting to suspect that there is something more to the orphanage than meets the eye. I wouldn't be surprised of they both mysteriously leave the orphanage fairly soon in the prelude timeline.

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