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Subscribe to this thread Hello! created by Codefreak5 on November 16, 2014

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Codefreak511/16/14 9:53pm
Hello, everyone! I recently discovered Dreamkeepers - less than 24 hours as of the time of posting this thread, actually - and have spent about seven of those hours reading every comic on this site. I stopped reading when I ran out of comics to read. Can't wait for more of them.
I am willing to answer almost any questions regarding myself in the interest of letting you get to know me better.

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MobileCrusader11/17/14 8:44am
Hello and let me be the first to welcome you! I'm mobile, and I am one of four moderators here. I'm also the moderator of /r/Dreamkeepers on reddit.

I'm always willing to help you with editing work, refinging theories, or critical analysis in general.

Don't miss the Vol 4 raffle, and especially don't miss the Thursday livechats at 9:00 est!

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Asora11/17/14 2:08pm
HELLO COMRADE! My name is Asora! Or you could call me Asora! I am that type of guy who jokes around and helps people out who are in need, and comes up with awesome and creative ideas, and since I'm the first one to contact you (which I am not), be ready to see others congratulating and welcoming you to a world of "pure-imagination".


So, Codefreak5 -

Are you ready to see and read topics that are never before discussed in any other thread in the internet, and the ones that are to come in these Forums?

Are you ready to meet new people, who are all good and BADASS and came from the country called "KICK-ASSIA", who are again BADASS and have personal stories and ideas to tell?!

Are you ready to see things that are so awesome, so gruesome, so scary, so sexy stu - wait, wwwwhhhhhat!!!?

(Yeah, I guess you didn't knew huh? In the "LOOKATTHIS!" category, you can see on your computer a thread called "The Official Thread of Naughtiness (18+ Users Only), which in FACT contains........well....ya know....ITS SELF EXPLANATORY!! NO QUESTIONS!!)

Anyways, are you ready, dear brother Codefreak5, to see the DK UNIVERSE!?!?!?!?



P.S. This is going to be my official greetings for newcomers. Don't judge me........

P.S.S. I have a man punching a bear.

P.S.S.S. Hi.

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ZycantAlpha11/17/14 3:44pm
Welcome to the fold, Codefreak! Hope you're enjoying from what you've seen of DK thus far (though since you're here I guess that's a pretty clear 'yes').

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PotatoFox11/17/14 5:01pm
Greetings [USER NAME]Codefreak5[/USER NAME]
I am PotatoFox, one of the 4 moderators of this forum, the others being MobileCrusader, DanWithTheHat and Prometheus.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could abide by our rules and regulations which can be found in the bottom right, though there are some amendments that need to be made.

First amendment: Rule 3 is no longer fully applicable. There is an 18+ thread into which some materials can be posted, though ensure that they conform to the rules found in the aforementioned thread.

Second amendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Third amendment: If you have a problem, do not contact Fore or Twilight for assistance. They have both been AFK for quite some time. And by that I mean years. Contact one of the four active moderators.

Elaboration: 18+ Thread:
Firstly, there is no method of enforcing the 18+ rule for this thread. 18+ is an advisory only. Irregardless, we, the DK team, are not responsible for anything negative which you might experience should you enter this thread.
Should you wish to participate in the discussion in that thread, the rules are at the top of page one. If you do not wish to participate in the thread, then you don't need to know the rules.

One final note:
There is a live chat on Friday at UK Time 1 or 2AM, depending on what the clocks are doing.
Present at these live chats are many of the DK forum users and our great and all-powerful Mr. Dave. He is typically present for 45 minutes, after which he embarks on an epic quest for food.
The live chat is usually held here:
As it is not a completely reliable service, this provides a decent replacement should the client fail
Switch it to Mibbit in the top left before logging in as usual.
Sometimes the entire server (in this case chat is provided by IRC) fails. Should such an eventuality occur then the best course of action is to use this chat room instead

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Codefreak511/18/14 2:41pm
Thank you all for your greetings! I'll try to respond to each one of you in turn.

@Mobile I checked out the Dreamkeepers sub. A bit small, but I decided to subscribe anyway.

@Asora You're a rather enthusiastic person. I don't know if I'm deserving of such a glamorous introduction, but I'll accept it all the same.

@Zycant I've enjoyed the comic very much! If I had the money to order the full Volume 3, I would - unfortunately, I don't, but I can handle the free, online updates until I get a job. The art is fantastic, and the various vistas of Anduruna and the surrounding areas - particularly the Starfall Mountains - are breathtaking. The story is deep, and the characters are all very well-written. In short, I love it.

@Potato Thanks for the info. I'll show up for the next live chat in a couple days.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier11/18/14 3:50pm
Oh, hey... I don't really have much to say after that really, but sup?

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Codefreak511/18/14 4:41pm
Hi! Not much is going on with me; school, video games, Reddit, forum-lurking, that's about it.

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MobileCrusader11/18/14 4:51pm
I just obtained moderator status of the place a few months ago. Ive been restlessly working to get the place some subscribers. I had 6 subs including myself when I became moderation. There are 5 times that now. I redid the css from the ground up, added flairs, and i feel good about it.

I promote it nonstop on reddit. I feel i have done well. I want it to be successful, but that all depends on the people willing to become part of the community.

I was thinking of making a new Imgur account just to post all sorts of images, give the sub a little content, but i would greatly appreciate any help.

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Asora11/18/14 5:14pm
Reddit.........hells that?

I must learn more......

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Codefreak511/18/14 5:59pm
Reddit is a website composed of discussion boards, also known as "subreddits". There are subreddits for just about anything and everything you can imagine. The Dreamkeepers community has its own subreddit (/r/Dreamkeepers), and I frequent the sub for the Fire Emblem video game series (/r/fireemblem) and its community off-topic board. It's a magical place filled with wonderful things, as long as you don't wander into the bad areas of it.

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DanWithTheHat11/18/14 6:48pm
Welcome to the forums Codefreak! I'm one of the other mods here. Enjoy your time and watch out for nightmares!

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GodofVelcro11/18/14 8:49pm
Now would (hopefully) be a great time for me to be active again.

Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of DK, and us, in general.

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CoolCoyote11/19/14 7:08pm
Howdy howdy howdy! Welcome to the DK site. If you a role player we also have places to role play!

Or you are welcome to just chill here and talk to peoples. That works too. :)

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Codefreak511/19/14 9:44pm
@Dan Thanks! I don't think I'll have to worry about nightmares; there are over 300 of us here.

@Velcro Couldn't hurt to be active. This seems like a cool - if somewhat quiet - place to be. I'm no stranger to strange worlds, so I think I'll fit in just fine.

@Coyote Howdy as well! I have some experience with forum-based roleplaying, and I am interested in creating my own character(s) to ropleplay with as well. I'm a bit rusty and inexperienced, but certainly able.

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