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Subscribe to this thread Paige created by Kymastrider on November 13, 2014

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NatChon7/9/15 10:20pm
Vi and Bobby may have known her. Even if they didn't they would help Mace come to terms. Lilith and Namah as well.

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Kirito7/10/15 9:57am
They did know her. They worked at the orphanage before she died.

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NatChon7/10/15 10:02am
I was just saying that even if they didn't know Paige, they would still help Mace come to terms with her death.

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Kirito7/10/15 1:51pm
For sure! They definitely seem like the empathatic type.

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Alej7/10/15 4:55pm
I felt destroyed when Paige died cause I thought she would play a main character in the story. Same as when Jen died. All the depressing deaths ;-;

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NatChon7/10/15 10:16pm
And there will probably be more.

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Alej7/11/15 7:54am
If vanth, kalei, or vi dies... Omg ;O;

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NatChon7/11/15 9:05am
That is unlikely. They are too big of a character to be killed off.

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Alej7/11/15 9:17am
Yeah. Vi is the best >:D

still torn up about Jen dying tho. She was so awesome.

Back on the subject of Paige, I really didn't expect her to die so fast. its like in transformers where Michael Bay decided to kill IronHide. It was a travesty.

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NatChon7/11/15 12:47pm
And Jazz.

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Alej7/11/15 1:22pm
My brother cried when Jazz died. Sadly my reaction was more like "Ehhh". I feel bad about that LOL

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Kirito7/11/15 4:50pm
A character is never too big to be killed off with Dave. That's what I like about him. 8 )

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Alej7/11/15 4:53pm
Oh god I think Dave is secretly Michael Bay

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NatChon7/11/15 10:17pm
Oh god no. If he was secretly Michael bay then characters wouldn't just die, they would explode when shot. Jen for example, she would not have just had a javelin hurled through her, it would have cut her in half and given her burns as it slices through her. Now Paige I can see that, but if Dave was bay then there would be more deaths like that.

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NatChon9/28/15 9:51am
I still feel bad for mace. Still nothing has been done to help mace come to terms. Yeah being chased around by monsters helped keep his mind off of it but he hasn't forgotten. He may not think that it is his fault any more but he lost his closest friend to a psycho killer. At some point someone has to do something about it.

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