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Subscribe to this thread Paige created by Kymastrider on November 13, 2014

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Kymastrider11/13/14 9:26pm
I don't think anyone's started a thread on Paige yet, even if we didn't know her for very long she was such a sweet little thing so full of life, and that's part of to me what made her death so tragic, she was so innocent and gentle. But the saddest thing of all is that she was an orphan, so no one cared that she died accept Mace who is accused of her murder, it's just so sad that Mace the one everyone is pinning her murder on is the only one that cares that she's dead.

I don't think I could ever forget what David Lillie's introduction in the first DK volume said, It was something like (what's the point of caring if a character lives or dies if there just going to be brought back in some deus ex machina later?

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MobileCrusader11/15/14 12:03pm
I like what her death means for the franchise. Its a statement that new not afraid to kill anyone. I like that.

I am interested to see where she comes into prelude.

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Asora11/15/14 4:55pm
I bet she gonna be all CUTE AND FLUFFY! :3

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SuperTurbo411/19/14 11:29pm
Hopefully we'll learn more about Paige. We hardly knew her when she died.

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MobileCrusader11/20/14 8:42am
I think Paige is going to be fleshed out in prelude.

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DanWithTheHat11/20/14 10:40pm
When Paige makes an appearance in the prelude it will end up being both one of cutest and saddest moments...

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Asora11/21/14 7:24am
I be crying bro. RIP Paige, you will be missed.

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MobileCrusader11/21/14 7:12pm
I asked a long time ago if Page was going to show up in prelude during a Thursday chat. Dave confirmed it and said that his plan ATM for Prelude is to cover up until the events of Vol 1. We will have plenty of time with Paige.

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Asora11/21/14 7:20pm
YEA-wait, what's ATM stand for?

*derp face*

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MobileCrusader11/21/14 7:21pm
at the moment

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Asora11/21/14 7:49pm
Ohhhhhhhh, okay.

*throws cookie at Mobile's face. IT'S SUPER AFFECTIVE!*

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MobileCrusader11/22/14 12:04pm
Is it oatmeal raisin? Peanut Butter, maybe?

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Asora11/22/14 12:30pm
It's peanut-butter with chocolate chip in it. The best of the best.

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MobileCrusader11/22/14 10:42pm
You have got me there.

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Asora11/23/14 6:19am
Sooooooooooo, you want it? Yes, or no?

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