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Subscribe to this thread Story Discussion: Fanfiction or Otherwise created by WiseOwlReader on November 13, 2014

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WiseOwlReader11/13/14 7:14pm
Alright, this is a new thread to discuss fanfiction in the Dreamkeepers World. From here we can have discourse and discussion over stories we want to write in the Dreamkeepersverse. I hope we can critique and help writers improve their craft. Go wild. I have a few ideas I think I can discuss.

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BryanDimmsdale11/13/14 8:08pm
Here ya go:

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Asora11/22/14 11:00am
May the DK Fan fictions COMMENCE!

*Meanwhile, a 15 year-old girl from California posts a LilithxNamah Fanfiction on the internet - No inappropriate stuff intended*

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MobileCrusader11/22/14 12:14pm
Oh boy.

I don't write fan fiction, but I'm happy to help the editing process.

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Tango11/22/14 1:10pm

Is it wrong of me to really really want that to be a thing

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Asora11/22/14 2:37pm
Yes, and no. It would be cute, but then again it would be-

*camera zooms in on face*



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MobileCrusader11/22/14 10:46pm
"What's wrong with a little wincest?"
-Every Channer Ever

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Asora11/23/14 6:17am
You said wincest. WTF IS WINCEST!?

*looks it up*

Oh. Well, then, carry on. BUT WTF IS "CHANNER" ANYWAY?

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MobileCrusader11/23/14 10:25am
A term of self reference for anyobe that uses a Chan style image board.

Ex: 4chan, 2chan, 8chan, etc.

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Asora11/23/14 10:32am
*throws a cookie*

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Prometheus11/23/14 12:55pm

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Asora11/23/14 1:48pm
Ah! I remember thous fanfictions you've done Prometheus! Good job on them!

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FoxBrethren6/4/15 10:54am
I'm delving into the world of short stories and one offs as well as Dreamkeeper fanfiction so I might start posting links to these stories if people are interested in reading them and commenting as I progress through my new desire to practice. I've never done well at short stories and usually prefer to write towards making a novel.

There's my first attempt at fanfiction and short story/one-off if anyone wants to give it a read. I'm going to give the stories here a perusing with time myself and possibly open up some discussion if the writers are still up for it after all this time.

Quick edit: You can blame the JuneKeepers thread for shaming me into wanting to pursue this course of action. Thanks guys, I'm slowly breaking down my motivational block.

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FoxBrethren7/11/15 2:55pm
I suppose I should post my latest one shot practice.

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GPedde7/11/15 6:34pm
Lately I've been very inspired by "Wayward Astronomer," and have started to develop a few ideas for some DK related stories in my head.

I guess I'm still a bit worried/unsure about my ability to write it well enough for others to take notice though. I mean, I aced college English and I know how to write properly, but that doesn't necessarily mean I have the skills to piece together a good story with characters and a plot engaging enough to be successful.

Maybe watching the rest of you and taking part in edits and critiques will fuel the fire enough for me to finally get started. Time will tell I guess.

For now, I'm very excited to see what else this fandom manages to come up with.

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