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Subscribe to this thread do dreamkeepers dream? created by Kymastrider on November 7, 2014

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Kirito12/22/14 7:24am
Yeah Dan, we're just speculating on the contents of their dreams.

@asora Shakespeare is fantastic. I got my mind blown when I found out that his plays where made for common people, and it wasn't meant to be fancy at all. R&J is fantastic. When I read it in class I got to be Mercutio XD

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Asora12/22/14 9:00am

Yeah, but truth be told, I think Romeo & Juliet has a more deeper meaning than almost everyone else thinks actually. Before I completely got to know better of Shakespeare and his plays, I saw a video of a critic named "The Nostalgia Critic" who has done a video about the writer's most famous play. Here's the link if you want to see the video.

Link to "N.C. Editorial: Does Romeo & Juliet Suck?" -

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Kirito12/22/14 9:03am
Alot of people are scared by the language of it, but honestly he's just a guy trying to make a living. Thanks for sharing the vid =D

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Asora12/22/14 9:11am
Your welcome my good sir! :D

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JudasScorpioDeMazier12/22/14 11:13am
Oh hey I love Nostalgia Critic

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Asora12/22/14 11:53am
*raises hand for high-five*

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Kirito12/23/14 8:54am
*dives between and intercepts high five*

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Asora12/23/14 9:36am

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Hakuzo11/7/15 5:43pm
Last I've seen from David is Dreamkeepers don't dream at all. He said they just sleep. If that has changed then I haven't seen it.

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Prometheus11/7/15 7:12pm

If I recall from recent discussions, Dave claims that they in fact do dream, it just won't be shown in the story 'cuz of how painfully mind-boggling that would be for readers (dreamkeepers having dreamkeepers, dreamkeeper's dreamkeeper fighting different Nightmares in another Dreamworld, etc). Personally, I don't see what the big deal is with that, but at least we know they are capable of dreaming as well.

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Lycanphoenix11/8/15 1:06am
I think instead of other Dreamkeepers, they have us. And instead of nightmares, we have demons. We don't have powers though, and we aren't anywhere near as diverse as Dreamkeepers.

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Kirito11/8/15 5:52am
I asked Dave before and I think I logged it somewhere. Dreamkeepers do dream, but as Prometheus said, it will not be shown to avoid a dream paradox.

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HappyLampJacker11/11/15 1:08am
Just the title of this thread gave me a headache :P I dunno i think this is a question that is best pondered and left unanswered though it is a nice concept...

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Lycanphoenix11/12/15 6:53am
Mace: "Hey, Whip, do you think humans dream?"

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TalkedSpy11/12/15 7:18pm
Wow, this thread hadn't been updated in almost a year. Huh.

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