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Subscribe to this thread do dreamkeepers dream? created by Kymastrider on November 7, 2014

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Kymastrider11/7/14 5:06pm
I don't entirely know how the dreamworld works but I remember reading that we catch fleeing glimpses of the dream world while we sleep, and that everyone on earth has there own dreamkeeper in the dreamworld, I sort of wonder if we catch fleeing glimpses of the dreamworld while were asleep do dreamkeepers catch fleeing glimpses of our world while there asleep?

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Asora11/26/14 7:06pm


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DanWithTheHat11/27/14 9:48am
That is an interesting question. I think someone may have asked Dave that in the chat before and he answered it. Now just to find it in my chat logs...

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Asora11/27/14 10:50am
*looks into chat logs*

Dan: 0_0 Mother of Me........

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Codefreak511/27/14 1:16pm
Do Dreamkeepers dream when they sleep? My answer: probably. The introduction to Volume One mentions the whole "fleeting glimpses" think you were talking about - that's probably where you read it, too - and from what I've gathered from the intro, dreams are the bridge between the Dreamworld and our world. If that's the case, then it's possible, if not likely, that Dreamkeepers do have "fleeting glimpses" of our world, much as we do of theirs.

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MobileCrusader11/28/14 12:04pm
I know Dave has answered this question but I cannot for the life of me recall the answer.

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TruthQuest11/29/14 1:03pm
I can and the answer is no.

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Asora11/29/14 1:07pm

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BloodyGoldKnight11/30/14 10:09am
What kind of inception style shit is this are we going to go deeper and deeper into the collective unconscious until we reach infinity? I think this is going be interesting.

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Asora11/30/14 10:44am
To Infinite, AND BEYOND!

*jumps out window*

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TruthQuest12/1/14 12:07pm
To what are you referring? I have never watched "Inception", that genre was never my cup of tea.
I just remember the reading chat-log answer and mentally filing it as fact.

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joeden12/12/14 9:39pm
There was a recent chat where Dave did say the could dream, but they don't dream supernatural mostly avoided it because he didn't want to have a inception thing. but the problem with not dreaming, is this when you don't dream your body registers the sleep but your mind doesn't and it can drive you mad because you don't feel as if you ever slept once always being awake it's not the funnest thing to go through.

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Kirito12/13/14 7:08am
I would imagine they could dream, as dreaming is a neurological function, and the DK universe is almost parallel with ours. Although if we could catch glimpses of them in our dreams, it would make sense that they could see glimpses of our world in their dreams. But as for dreaming itself, if they have a complex nervous system like humans, dogs, and cats, than they would dream.

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Prometheus12/13/14 1:06pm
Dave has confirmed that dreamkeepers do dream, but for the sake of avoiding confusion-induced exploding brains, the concept won't be entertained in the story. (that's what I remember)

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CoolCoyote12/13/14 1:30pm
Ah, but that level of confusions is fun to mess with :D.

My question would be, if dreamkeepers did catch a glimps of the uuman world via dreaming does that mean humans are viewed to be some kind of odd folk tale creature, much like talking animals and oddly shapped creatures are viewed in their world?

With all the varriant body types and different shapes dk's come in would they register seeing a human as odd?

Or would human's appear in their culture much like fantasy art and sci fi do in ours? Could your dreamkeeper be role playing YOU in the human world right this vary instant D:

*shrieks in terror and dives out the nearest window!*

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