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Subscribe to this thread Your Multimedia Fantasies for DK created by Prometheus on October 9, 2014

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MobileCrusader12/2/14 2:10pm
yea, along those lines.

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MobileCrusader12/2/14 7:02pm
Made emotes on /r/Dreamkeepers

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Kobalt9512/3/14 1:16am
Those look awesome, Mobile! It would also be cool if we could have emotes like those in this forum as well.

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MobileCrusader12/3/14 7:01am
I don't know if the forum is built to handle that kind of thing.

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PotatoFox12/3/14 9:46am
I am going to see if it is possible to display images within posts using the magic of HTML codes.
This is the image in particular
And the code is

<img src="url" alt="some_text">

scr is the address of the image and alt is the placeholder text if the image cannot be displayed.

Image test:
<img src="" alt="Soldiers">

Possible outcomes:
Image displays correctly
Placeholder displays
Code visible

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PotatoFox12/3/14 9:47am
And it appears that the code is not supported and thus is visible.
So using HTML links will not be of use when it comes to displaying the emoticons in the forum.

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ezioauditore9712/6/14 9:25pm
Who thinks a action-adventure/survival horror with a strong central story akin to the Last of Us with competent voice acting would be fun to see out there?Survival with fun powers and springers that don't leave you feeling weak and then some eerily disturbing Resident Evil-esque deaths to nail the horror bits down so as to let the nightmare's rock in their own worryingly awesome way if you fail.

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BryanDimmsdale12/7/14 5:15am
@ezioauditore97: That would be lovely, especially the action-adventure part, which is Dreamkeepers is all about. I'm not sure with the horror part, but that has to be Tendril chasing you, or basically some sort of Alien Isolation.

Though I think I can see DK more like Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts or this:

But I'm still sticking with fighting game slash with awesome artwork by Dave slash with storyline slash with overdrives slash with instant kills:

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Asora12/7/14 5:49am
The last one.......was so........perfect.

Gave me a tear down my eye for it's shear awesomeness and comedic kills.

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Shadowcat12/7/14 3:01pm
Sounds perfect, I can see it now:

A big open world where you can run around from the Starfall mountains the Grunns orphanage, Kill random people and random bad dudes and random city guards depending on who you choose to be. Steal stuff, break stuff, Whatever.

A compelling storyline with a number of branches Mass Effect style.

And for horror, Maybe being trapped in some sort of underground system with a big scary nightmare chasing you.

And gory deaths, Those are required, and fun.

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Prometheus12/13/14 12:41pm
I'd love to animate a DK parody of the Durarara outro credits one of these days. Maybe ask Dave and Liz or sw1tchbl4de to draw the art while I animate and add the theme song. Have to learn how to animate and edit first, though.

Just like all the other parodies of the Durarara credits, this parody would be exactly like the original, but with DK characters. The poses will have to be talked about since alot of the characters are smaller and have unique legs. Here's the order from top to bottom.

1. Mace
2. Whip
3. Namah
4. Igrath
5. Ravat
6. Scinter
7. Vi
8. Bobby
9. Karo
10. Grunn
11. Bast
12. Lilith
13. Tinsel
14. Nabonidus as a skunk dreamkeeper
15. Void

Here's the original:

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Asora12/13/14 4:16pm

Unfortinually, it seems like the theory of the Mysterious White-Eyed Orphan (AKA Steve) being Nabonidus in disguise seems unlikely right now, but, the rest seems great. :D

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ezioauditore9712/13/14 8:15pm
@Shadowcat For that open world you'd have multiple characters,but Mace or Co. are not likely to go psychotic and murder people so if you could do Ravat or Tinsel in free mode after winning perhaps that would be better and yes characters should have all manners of horrible possible deaths given the subject matter though they should be balanced and outweighed by genuinely good portions of storytelling and fun facial/body animations making us root for them.

As for fighting game;

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Asora12/14/14 2:40pm
A DK 2d fighting game in that style would also be nice as well.

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BryanDimmsdale12/18/14 5:29am
I concur.

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