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Subscribe to this thread Your Multimedia Fantasies for DK created by Prometheus on October 9, 2014

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Prometheus10/9/14 7:17pm
My latest fan idea for the DreamKeepers series has prompted me to make this thread.

This thread is for anyone to share their dreams of creating their own piece of multimedia for DreamKeepers, whether it be a video game, movie, TV animated series, spin-off graphic novel, WHATEVER! Post your fantasies here!

My latest idea: A DreamKeepers parody of Hotline Miami 2 called "DreamKeepers: Underworld".

Basically, it would be a remake of Hotline Miami 2 with the same visual style and mechanics, but with characters and concepts from the DreamKeepers universe.

The game will consist of two factions with three playable characters. The Troika and the Street Clans.

The Troika will consist of Scinter, Bobby and Vi, each with their own unique gameplay style and storyline. The Street Clans will consist of Scythe from the Neon Knives and two original characters, each from a fictional street clan.

The main enemies for the Troika would be clan members or political bodyguards, as the Troika characters missions will be based on assassinating Dark politicians and street clan bosses.

The main enemies for the Street Clan characters will be City Guard safety troops and police officers as the thugs have been ordered by Nabonidus to begin causing as much havoc to the city's law enforcement as possible to prepare for his conquest of the city.

The Troika levels will consist of warehouses, business offices and multi-level penthouses. The Street Clan levels will consist of police departments, hospitals and veterans retreats.

The weapons will be under heavy consideration since I know very little about the current existing springer weapons in the book, not to mention the weapons that have yet to be introduced.

That's my little tidbit fantasy of the day. I doubt it will see the light of reality, but who knows?

So, anyone want to share what they have in mind?

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FoxPhantom10/10/14 7:34am
One idea I drew was Left For dead related.
Just because I wondered if the virus hit the earth, would it mean that it effected Dreamkeepers as well?

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BryanDimmsdale11/5/14 3:26am
I got another idea: , how bout a DK fighting game? 2D and 3D at the same time?

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Asora11/5/14 3:48pm
Bryan, I will now give you a cookie. But not just any cookie, it is........


Do you accept this offering or not? CHOICE NOW!

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BryanDimmsdale11/6/14 5:53am
It would be my honor to take the cookie...

But I will not eat it myself; I will like to share it to everyone I want to thank you guys for inspiring me to go to this forum. Without you guys, I wouldn't have a great time and a happy moment. So Asora, here's a piece of it, and I want you to have this piece for helping me create theories together.

(Going back to the topic) Anyways, here's another one, mmo:

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Asora11/6/14 7:45am

Thank you Brother Bryan.

*eats the piece of the cookie*


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Prometheus11/17/14 3:07pm

Funny you should have that idea. Someone made a prototype level in Left 4 Dead based on Grunn's orphanage for a previous Halloween contest.


A fighting game would probably be the best fit for a DK game. Dave could probably do all the drawings for the characters if they'll be 2D while the venue could be 3D animated.

I kinda want to see DK as an expansive sandbox game, allowing you to explore every nook and cranny of Anduruna and the Dreamworld beyond, with a blend (no pun intended) of Assassin's Creed and MGS stealth and battle mechanics.

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Asora11/18/14 11:22am
Wait, WWHHHHHHHHHATTTTTTTTT!!?!?!?!??! Somebody made a level based on Grunn's orphanage on Left 4 Dead!?


Also, a 2D DK fighting game, or a third person game with a Last of Us inspiration in it. Either way, both are great.

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Digitigraderobo11/18/14 5:32pm
A 2D DK fighting game would be amazing

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Asora11/18/14 5:36pm
OR, an open-world sandbox game with a GTA touch to it.

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MobileCrusader11/19/14 7:55am
It prolly wouldn't be hard to make a doom mod for Dreamkeepers.

If I get ahold of RPGmaker I plan on making a DK campaign.

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Asora11/19/14 11:13am
I have an idea, but it is too long to explain for a reuglar post. Must go work on rebooting the DK: Video Game series again after my planning for my first RPS!


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Corvus11/30/14 4:02am
One idea that has popped into my head recently is that Dreamkeepers would make for a good Sonic-style platformer along the lines of Planet Freedom.(Planet Freedom is one of the best games I have played in recent memory honestly) This sort of game play allows for you to work a number of different characters with completely different move sets and play styles into the same level designs, which reduces the general development time and cost making it significantly more practical to do. Thinking about it, if such a thing were to happen, it would almost certainly be easier to just make it either as an overly elaborate mod of Freedom Planet or to license their engine rather than reinventing the wheel.

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MobileCrusader11/30/14 10:30am
If I find myself with a decent amount of free time (read: Winter break?) I want to make a little android game. Was thinking of a 32 bit Dreamkeepers Fighting game.

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ZycantAlpha12/1/14 5:57pm
Along the lines of Street Fighter, I'm guessing?

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