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Subscribe to this thread New Super Smash Bros. is out!! created by DanWithTheHat on September 28, 2014

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DanWithTheHat9/28/14 5:53pm
So now that the demo has been out to everyone for a week now on the 3DS, did any one else try it out yet?

I've played a few games of it and I really like the changes they made to it from Brawl. They really listened to the community by making the characters a little smaller and a bit faster. They don't all feel like slow giants like they did in Brawl.

Also, the Villager is a really fun character to play. I love picking up items and then unleashing them all once on the cpu's. They just get overwhelmed with an avalanche of items.

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MobileCrusader9/29/14 8:41am
I've not played it, though I should download it onto my DS. When I get around to it I guess.

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Sukotto9/30/14 9:19am
I absolutely loved the demo and I am super hyped for the actual release this October.

I liked the gameplay, Megaman honestly feels awesome, the changes on the graphics from Brawl to Smash 4 make it look way better than it did before. It only makes me wonder what Smash number 5 will be like, damn.

Also, the demo is fun to play Smash potato with your friends!

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DanWithTheHat10/4/14 12:49pm
Well now the game is actually out, I changed the name of the thread :P

This game is one of the best looking games on the 3DS. I didn't expect it to be as detailed in motion than it is. It also runs at a fast frame rate.

The only thing I am a bit disappointed in is the lag in the online multiplayer. Most games I play are jittery and there is noticeable input lag. It makes playing speedy characters tough. My internet connection should be plenty fast too so I think it is on Nintendo's end.

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Codefreak511/26/14 1:09pm
Since the Wii U version was released recently, I think we should revive this thread and talk about it a bit!

I'll put my two cents in to start. The game looks absolutely fantastic. The Wii U's graphical capabilities really show here. There's nothing like revisiting a stage from Brawl or Melee and seeing it revamped in sweet, 1080p hi-def goodness. They pulled out all the stops for this iteration of Final Destination, too - it looks downright beautiful. Aside from graphics, the game seems to handle exactly like the 3DS version - I'm specifically talking about physics, as in how characters jump and fly around. The identical physics soften the learning curve significantly for anyone who's been playing Smash 3DS for the past month and a half. I also love the music, because all of it is good. I'm particularly excited about the new Fire Emblem tracks, remixes or originals. Stuff like the Meeting Theme Medley, and Conquest (Ablaze). And they put in Punch-Out!!'s World Circuit theme, which guarantees I'll win as Little Mac.

I wish I was able to play more of the game, so I could talk about more of the features, but this will have to do. It's back to Smash 3DS for me in the meantime.

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Asora11/26/14 6:56pm
Ah yes, Super Smash Brothers......the game were you can play and see many of your favorite Nintendo, Capcom, and Sega characters all in the same universe beating the living sh*t out of each other and not giving one f*ck about how they all got there in the first place ever since January 21st of 1999.

*pretends to smoke an unlighted cigarette*

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Codefreak511/28/14 3:11am
I had Little Mac punch Mario in the face, while standing on a medieval castle with fireballs flying around, while Pikachu and Captain Falcon watched.

Truly, a unique, wonderful game series.

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MobileCrusader11/28/14 12:02pm
I played 8 player smash the other day. It was intense. I suck.

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Codefreak511/28/14 1:06pm
I've seen 8-Player Smash. It's chaotic. Too many people to pay attention to at once.

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MobileCrusader11/28/14 1:08pm
Its really hard to keep track of your character.

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PotatoFox11/28/14 1:57pm

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Asora11/28/14 3:29pm
*takes off sunglasses*

May God have mercy on our souls..........

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DanWithTheHat12/7/14 10:54pm
I've been loving the new supersmash on both systems. There's so much content, its insane. I just have been swamped with a last minute school project for the past week to play it (or comment about it on here ^^)

If you want to add me on the WiiU my name is DanWithTheHat. Maybe we can get an online game going sometime.

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Asora12/8/14 8:50am
It's always DanWithTheHat from what I've noticed....

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DanWithTheHat12/8/14 7:02pm
Of course! It can't be any other way. :)

Its great that Smash is a very hat friendly game. (Not TF2 level but still)

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