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Subscribe to this thread Hello out there in TV land! created by CoolCoyote on September 28, 2014

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CoolCoyote9/28/14 4:50pm
Well, internet land actually but that doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well.

Howdey all! Just joined the forum in hopes for rp schinanigans! Probibly misspelled that but don't worry, poor grammer is just part of my character...honest. >.>

I'm up todate with the prelude comic and the actual manga comic up to the current free stuff that is available. Yes, I am a horrible free loader but what do you expect from a man with Coyote in their avatar name?

The only questions i have so far are, is there character approval for rp alts? And if there is any threads available for a new guy to join :D

Otherwise, nice to meet you all!

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DanWithTheHat9/28/14 5:32pm
Welcome to the forums! I'm one of the mods here along with Prometheus, Mobilecrusader, and PotatoFox. Don't worry too much about the grammar as long as its understandable, its fine with me. :)

As for RPs,ZycantAlpha has one he is trying to start that you may be interested in joining here:

In general, the Headless Room is where RPs ideas are brought up and discussed while the actual RPs are run in the IC Dreamworld. We don't have a set standard for character reviews/approval for RPs. It is up to the person running it how they want characters in the RP to be structured. Typically, you post your character description in the RP thread in the Headless Room and the creator of the RP accepts or requests edits to the character as needed.

If you have characters that aren't attached to any RP on here, you can show them off in the Character Cafe.

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CoolCoyote9/28/14 5:57pm
Come to think of it. I do need to help on character afliation and powers.

What type of characters do we have right now? Action alts, peacefull alts, old as dirt alts? Young alts like the comics?

Knowing what kind of rps I am going into will help me make an alt. As of the moment though I'm thinking of making a pot bellied reptilian fox character with a shity eyed street merchant personality.

I have no idea what district he would be from though.

As for powers I would like to avoid bringing on a 'good' fighter or avoid demi buman powers that can trash tanks and blow through scores of enemy mooks or powers that more than one person has taken.

I was thinking something along the lines of energy creation, creating swords, knives, clubs, exploding orbs of energy.

I appreciate the help ^^


LOL you posted while i wrote this XD thanks for quick reply

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MobileCrusader9/29/14 8:36am
Let me be the second to welcome you! I'm Mobile, and I'm mod here as well as reddit's /r/Dreamkeepers. I have been a member of the community for almost a year now.

No worries about not having the books: the day v4 drops I'm doing a raffle so you could very possibly win something!

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CoolCoyote9/29/14 9:48am
Woo! Although I feel sometimes I should let the prelude comic complete itself before reading the main comic. The prelude is full of all the small details that helps bring the characters even more to life that you cant really fit into a graphic novel.

Ah who am I kidding, I'm addicted to both XD

Thanks for the welcome guys. I look forward to role playing here.

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Prometheus9/29/14 11:06am
Greetings, Coyote! I'm a member of the mod team and would like to welcome you to our humble home of all things DreamKeeperey. ^^

Dan has already pointed you in the direction of our lovely RP hot spots. If you feel up to participating in anything else, feel free to drop your thoughts in the many other sections of the forum or join us every Thursday night at 9:00 P.M. EST for a live chat session with David Lillie himself.

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CoolCoyote9/29/14 11:25am
Neato ^^

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PotatoFox9/29/14 12:28pm
Greetings! I am PotatoFox, the final member of the active moderator team. Glorious welcome to our abode of awesome, the DreamKeeper Forum! As a moderator, I must ask that you make yourself familiar with the rules, you can find them in the bottom right. As mentioned, there is a live chat which is 9pm Local Time for residents of the United States Eastern coast zone. The chat starts at 1AM Universal Coordinated Time, which would be GMT or time zone 0, so adjust accordingly. For me, 1am UTC is 2am local, hooray for lack of sleep!
An additional point worth making is that the moderators mentioned in the rules, Fore and Twilight, are presently regarded as missing, so any attempt to contact them will most likely result in nothing. If you have any problems, contact one of the moderators that has introduced themselves here.
Finally, there is a thread for 18+ users. We have no method of actually policing the 18+ "rule", that is just a warning regarding the nature of the content on that thread. If you intend to enter that thread, we are not responsible for any trauma, nightmares or potentially embarrassing scenarios that may arise and that all access to said thread is purely the choice of the user. Do so at your own discretion. Rules regarding that thread can be found within it. If you don't intend to enter, you don't need to know.
We hope you have a pleasant time here,
Love from Foxy The Potato

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CoolCoyote9/29/14 12:49pm
Lol thanks. I do plan to avoid R and X rated threads ^^. I read through the rules both for making alts and general conduct. The 'treat others as you wish to be treated' rule seems like it works across any forum, even pvp sights ^^

Generally I like to do my best to contribute to sanity on rp, oocly at least. I'm a seasoned role player so I know how to avoid the regular pit falls like god moding, tweeking, stitching (self made term yay! For when players stitch their alts to your background.) And etc etc.

I also find the golden rule, treat others as you wish to be treated' covers most potential problems.

I am lacking though on DK ic history, are there any special events or people in history who every dreamkeeper would know about? Groups, Organizations, countries, cites...etc etc

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ZycantAlpha9/30/14 6:02pm
Welcome to the fold of Dreamkeepers, Coyote!

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CoolCoyote10/1/14 8:01am
Quick question. How do i keep myself logged in even after closing the browser. The site seems to log me out after an hour even if I'm logged in!

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PotatoFox10/1/14 8:24am
The automatic logout is, I presume, an anti-spambot prevention mechanism thing-o-tron. To my knowledge, there is no way around it. If you intend to write a very long message (for example, in the RP section), I would recommend you do so in notepad or an equivalent word processing program then copy it over once it is done.

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CoolCoyote10/1/14 10:15am
Duley noted XD

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GodofVelcro10/3/14 10:20pm
Welcome! Hope to see you around!

Sorry for the delay, I've been off the radar for a while. :P

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BryanDimmsdale10/4/14 5:36am
Hi there!


Sorry, I think everybody already said it all. Anyways, see you around! XD

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