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Subscribe to this thread Hi created by origamifan on September 25, 2014

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origamifan9/25/14 12:49pm
Hi everyone, I am new on the forum but I started watching dreamkeepers approximatively a year ago (why did I noticed there was a forum only a month ago? for the same reason that made me never realizing there was an introducing forum:I'm just kinda stupid!).I think Dave and Liz are making an awesome work(I'm so original and controversial!), the world they created is fascinating, whether because of the art, the characters, the story or the background!

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Asora9/25/14 1:34pm
HELLO COMRADE! My name is Asora! Or you could call me Asora! I am that type of guy who jokes around and helps people out who are in need! And since I am the first one to contact you, be ready to see others congratulating and welcoming you to a world of "pure-imagination".........Yep.

Are you ready to see and read topics that are never before discussed in any other thread in the internet, and the ones that are to come in these Forums?

Are you ready to meet new people, who are all good and BADASS and came from the country called "KICK-ASSIA", who are again BADASS and have personal stories and ideas to tell?!

Are you ready to see things that are so awesome, so gruesome, so scary, so sexy stu - wait, wwwwhhhhhat!!!?

(Yeah, I guess you didn't knew huh? In the "LOOKATTHIS!" category, you can see on your computer a thread called "The Official Thread of Naughtiness (18+ Users Only), which in FACT contains........well....ya know....ITS SELF EXPLANATORY!! NO QUESTIONS!!)

Anyways, are you ready, dear brother origamifan, to see the DK UNIVERSE!?!?!?!?



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origamifan9/25/14 3:03pm
one of my favorite music group perform simulated sodomy on scene, so I think I can support the whole "sexy stuff". Anyway, thanks for the answer!

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Asora9/25/14 3:39pm
Your welcome! :D


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ZycantAlpha9/25/14 4:18pm
Welcome to the group, origami!

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DanWithTheHat9/25/14 5:07pm
Asora, For some reason I keep reading your intros as Mr. Torgue from Borderlands 2. It suits it well. =D

Anyway, welcome to the forums origamifan. I'm one of the mods here along with Potatofox, Prometheus, and MobileCrusader. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask us!

We do have a weekly dreamkeepers chat at 9 PM Eastern Time where Dave comes on to chat with us for a bit. Just click the Live chat button to the right. If for some reason that chat room is down, we have an alternate chat room here:

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MobileCrusader9/25/14 5:44pm
Very good to see you friend. I'm Mobile. I'm a mod here and on /r/Dreamkeepers

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Asora9/25/14 5:45pm
Hello Mobile! :D

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MobileCrusader9/25/14 5:46pm
Hi dude. I'm gonna be on the live chat and Skype as soon as I finish walking home!

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Asora9/25/14 5:55pm
Sweet, right now I am still playing DK CAH, but I will be on Live chat at exactly 9, see you then!

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origamifan10/19/14 2:01am
by the way, I forgot to ask, but are there any rules on the forum I should know?

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Asora10/19/14 7:10am
Well, for starters......

1.) Don't be a jerk.
2.) Don't spam (that's what the "Spamduruna" wing is for).
3.) Post content that is related to the subject matter that is ment for the thread.
4.) Be mature.
5.) Beat Hitler and his family to near death to try and teach them a lesson about humanity.
6.) HAVE FUN! :D

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ZycantAlpha10/19/14 9:41am
Well, 5's still tentative. We don't quite have the time machine ready yet. But when it is, we're planning on going back as a group and causing him as much trauma as possible.

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DanWithTheHat10/19/14 1:31pm
Asora's list is fairly accurate. I think we have more of a chance at defeating the nightmares than beating up Hitler though.

The official rules are on a link on the bottom of the page on the right. The mod list though needs to be updated. The current active mods are:

Mobile Crusader

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Asora10/19/14 1:41pm
Thank you Dan for that compliment. Here's a cookie.

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