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Subscribe to this thread Hi by Alex the Teknian created by AlextheTeknian on September 9, 2014

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AlextheTeknian9/9/14 2:47pm
Heya nice meeting you and joining this forum of the Dreamkeepers site, as for me I knew of this Dreamkeepers story but I didnt fully read it until some months ago all three volumes. I really like how David an Liz created such a interesting world and most of all. such original cool characters =)

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PotatoFox9/9/14 2:53pm
Greetins AlextheTeknian (User 327)
This magnificent forum and its wondrous inhabitants welcome you to our domain. I am one of the glorious peacekeepers here and thus I am required to ensure that you are aware of our laws here to which you must abide. Furthermore, I shall inform you that there are some amendments to make. The most significant one is that the moderators Twilight and Fore are regarded as inactive and thus contacting them with any issue will most likely be a wasted effort. The moderators to contact instead are myself, DanWithTheHat, MobileCrusader and Prometheus.
There is a live chat on Fridays at 1AM Universal Coordinated Time, 2AM GMT Zero (UK Local time) or 9PM Thursday US East time. The link on the left probably wont work so use this one if you ever wish to join in
This is due to continuous server issues so both are maintained as a reserve and the chat will be held within whichever is deemed the more suitable. I will lurk in both (the one on the left will probably be broken though) and direct users to the active room.
We hope you have a nice time here.

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ZycantAlpha9/9/14 5:15pm
Welcome to the group, Alex! Is there anything in particular you're interested in doing, or are you just think "Hey! This looks cool!"?

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DanWithTheHat9/9/14 8:11pm
Welcome to the forums Alex! If you have any Dreamkeepery questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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AlextheTeknian9/10/14 6:05am
Thanks you all for the welcome =). Yeah Ill follow the rules np, about what I want to do here, give my opinions about the Dreamkeepers like for example Prelude, Volumes and characters. maybe just maybe do ah RP and have a nice time here.

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BryanDimmsdale9/10/14 7:26am
Hello there, Alex! Welcome to the forums

As for your question, you can check the posts on the branches at the left side of the screen. There, you might find what you are looking for. If you think of an interesting theory about the characters or the storyline of the prelude, go right ahead.

And yeah, enjoy your stay.

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Foxer3609/10/14 8:35am
Greetings, Teknain! Welcome to The-Ones-Who-Wait-For-Volume-Four.

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Asora9/10/14 2:11pm

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MobileCrusader9/10/14 3:17pm
Greetings! Its nice to see another fan join our ranks!

I'm a moderator here, and I'm the head mod on the Dreamkeepers subreddit.

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AlextheTeknian9/11/14 6:48am
Hi nice meeting you too, oh so I am user number 327, thats alot of people for sure here.

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Prometheus9/11/14 10:47am
Glad to have you with us! :D I'm a part of the moderator team here on the DK forums. Make yourself right at home. ^^

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AlextheTeknian9/11/14 1:22pm
Ok If im correct PotatoFox, MobileCrusader and Prometheus are the moderators here, is there more or just you 3?

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Asora9/11/14 1:47pm
No sir (or ma'm), there are more too come.......MWHAHAHAHAH!!!!

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ThatDudesDude9/11/14 1:54pm
Nice picture of Storm Hawks btw :3

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Asora9/11/14 2:02pm
Oh shit! Storm Hawks!? Damn, the nostalgic memories are flowing in me. Is that show still running?

P.S. - Radarr reminds me alot of Whip for some reason....

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