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Subscribe to this thread Forum Maintenance Log created by PotatoFox on August 27, 2014

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TalkedSpy9/4/16 6:34pm
Have a feeling once we remove the spam accounts after we reach 1000 users, the count will drop harder than the Youtube Sub Purge.

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ZycantAlpha9/11/16 9:32pm
Well, the spambots are slowly being weeded out so I doubt it'll be that big of a difference. A slight drop due to the ones that slip through the cracks there. But the inactive ones'll be a bigger jump since people seem to make an account and then forget about it.

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ZycantAlpha9/25/16 1:01pm
I hate to double post, but speaking of spambots, I think I found a few more:
Your3198E (I think it's a security system bot)
Mohz1l0que (Diesel injector salesbot)
rumah (I don't...actually know. It's kind of a nest of links)

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Prometheus9/26/16 11:14am
Looks like the first two are confirmed spam. Rumah looks to maybe be some kind of a librarian scholar with a plethora of social media accounts across multiple branches. Still, it looks suspicious, so all three will be dealt with.

Thanks again, ZycantAlpha. ^^

Edit: After running rumah's "Rumah Murah Hunian Nyaman Dan Strategis" quote thru Google Translate, it says "Cheap houses Residential Comfortable And Strategic"

So, rumah is definitely a spammer. According to Translate, the quote was Indonesian. Quite a few spam accounts are coming from Indonesia, apparently.

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ZycantAlpha10/14/16 11:26pm
I'm starting to think this is becoming my unofficial job.

Cliv3h3rY - deals in iPhone repair apparently

womenfootwear - no links (for once) but seems like a bot nonetheless

pramuka - I actually think this is the same site that "rumah" was...trying to link to. I think this might be the first duplicate.

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Prometheus10/15/16 7:49pm
Heh, sorry about that. I don't patrol for bots as often as I should. XD But, thanks nonetheless.

All bots and pramuka does look like a duplicate of rumah, but slightly different. They will be dealt with.

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TalkedSpy10/16/16 1:46pm
Zycant has become the new second-hand man. Kirito is MIA but still alive.

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ZycantAlpha10/21/16 8:24am
I don't mind, honestly. I just find it funny since I'm the only non-mod who does note this.

Speaking of which: theastris1 - It's a site for an attorney.

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Prometheus10/21/16 1:52pm
Just went on patrol to investigate this user and found another one that escaped our notice since August. Thanks again for your diligence. ^^;

Law firm in San Antonio, TX.

Investment fraud securities attorney in Las Vegas, NV.

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Prometheus10/29/16 7:33pm
Appears we have some new bots. Time to clean 'em out. XP

Texas infrared inspection services, based in Houston, TX.

Japanese sex doll creator somewhere in the U.S. (this one gave me a laugh XD)

Has a link to what appears to be a political website. Possibly a forum. This bot has been around for a few months.

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ZycantAlpha11/6/16 5:09pm
BuTc43y is the most recent one I can see. Looks like it's iPhone repair.

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Prometheus11/8/16 10:00pm
Indeed it is. Thanks, ZycantAlpha. ^^

iPad repair service in Redmond, WA.

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Prometheus11/16/16 1:22pm
Located another spambot.

Salmon fishing lodge in Anchorage, AK.

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Prometheus12/2/16 10:53pm
Found a new one. This one actually posted a comment in bigbishounen's greeting thread.

Seems to be pitching a chat site for reviewing essay assignments.

EDIT: Adding a screencap of the bot's comment to act as a base for what spam comments look like.

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Dreamkeepers8/9/17 12:33pm
The forum has been busted, but- I think it's working now? TESTING TESTING numbers in the right order

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