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Subscribe to this thread Forum Maintenance Log created by PotatoFox on August 27, 2014

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Prometheus1/2/16 6:25pm

Yep, limo service founded in Los Angeles, CA and moved to Dallas, TX.

Thanks for the heads up, Kit. ^^

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ZycantAlpha1/3/16 5:31pm
New spam bot: timisabel
Looks to be a textile shop.

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Prometheus1/4/16 11:44am

Thank you, Zycant. ^^ It appears to be a company working in home fabrics. It will be dealt with.

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Prometheus4/5/16 6:10pm
New spam account: Westleyton
Automobile tire and service center.

Being terminated.

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ZycantAlpha5/15/16 9:58pm
I'm not 100% sure on this one, but Jamiebrk looks like it might be a bot. It could be worth it to look into it.

HopeFe2118 is absolutely a bot.

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Prometheus5/16/16 11:22am
Thank you for your diligence, Zycant. ^^ I will take care of them. I even found another bot while searching for the two listed.

Indonesian casino services.

Links are dead/broken, but appears to be spam for a tourism company in Skagway, Arkansas.

Links lead to a community website targetted at African-Americans for socializing and hook-ups.

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Javelin5/18/16 8:45pm
So do these bots work autonomously or is it a scripted kitty behind these spams or may this be a virus or just some regular troll?

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ZycantAlpha5/19/16 2:46pm
I think these are just regular spambots. All they really do is create an account that advertises something on their member page. If it were a virus or troll, they'd probably be more active in general.

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ZycantAlpha7/3/16 10:50pm
(Sigh) Another one just joined.

Not even going to bother checking what their advertising this time. Might change my mind later and update this.

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Prometheus7/6/16 1:40pm
Thank you for your report, ZycantAlpha. ^^ It will be dealt with.

I did not access the links, but appears to be advertising a body modification service of some kind.

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ZycantAlpha7/16/16 7:02pm
Lovedollj. Sex dolls. I'm hoping for their sake that this one wasn't randomized, because otherwise these guys are going to be in serious trouble later.

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Prometheus7/20/16 9:53pm
Sorry for the late response. I will look into it. ^^

Definitely looks like sex doll production and distribution. I can't even tell if the doll in the avatar is of age or not. For my own sake, I will not access the link and will just terminate this.

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Prometheus9/3/16 1:03pm
Just a general update, I will be performing a wipe of all inactive accounts from 2014. Any account from 2014 with zero posts and no log-ins since the day of registration and/or a few days after registration will be disabled.

Last year, all inactive accounts from 2013 were disabled, so this year is 2014's turn. You can expect this to be a trend for the next few years until the member list is mostly clear of inactive accounts. I will also, of course, be looking out for any spam accounts that may have evaded the watchful eyes of myself and some moderation contributors up to this point.

So, with that being said, don't be surprised if the member count drops like a rock later today. That will be me pruning the garden. XP

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Prometheus9/3/16 2:33pm
Update: All accounts from 2014 with no posts have been disabled. Now, after careful observation, I noticed many accounts from '13 and '14 with one post or more, but have not logged in for a considerable amount of time.

I will need to speak with a fellow mod on how to handle these particular accounts, since they appear to have been abandoned.

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TalkedSpy9/4/16 6:34pm
Have a feeling once we reach 1000 users, all the spam will be viewed and deleted, and the count will drop harder than the Youtube Sub Purge.

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