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Subscribe to this thread Forum Maintenance Log created by PotatoFox on August 27, 2014

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Kirito10/29/15 5:48am
Another Spam Account

UserName: KeyThomas43

Bankruptcy law firm

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Prometheus10/29/15 8:18am
Thank you for your diligence, Kirito. I'll take care of it.

Edit: I may start a clean-up process of all zero-post accounts. I noticed alot of users who never posted anything and never logged in the day after they signed up.

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Kirito11/2/15 3:37am
Another spam account:

Username: Menaraengineers

engineering group

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Prometheus11/2/15 8:56am
Thanks for the heads up. ^^ It will be dealt with.

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Prometheus11/2/15 10:05pm
User clean-up completed. All inactive accounts dating back to two years or older have been disabled. Inactive accounts from a year ago will be spared for now.

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Prometheus11/4/15 2:48pm
Found another new spam account: hirephpdeveloper

It is being removed.

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Prometheus11/13/15 9:42am
New spam account: healthwithherbs

Medical center based in Ontario, Canada. Will be dealt with now.

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Prometheus11/21/15 10:04pm
Another spam account made in late October that managed to escape my notice until now: rovermaster

VPS design platform.

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Kirito11/22/15 6:45pm
New spam account created a day ago: qualistik

Quality Assurance Training

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Prometheus11/23/15 9:57am

Thank you again for the help, Kirito. ^^

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Kirito12/22/15 5:39pm

Accounting firm

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Kirito12/22/15 5:50pm

Breast Implants

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Prometheus12/23/15 10:30am
Thank you for the help, Kit. ^^ That breast implant one made me laugh. XD

They will be removed momentarily.

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TalkedSpy12/24/15 5:58pm
DK Forum member with username "Breast Implants"........just another day in the office. :3

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Kirito1/2/16 2:22pm

limo corp

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