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Subscribe to this thread Forum Maintenance Log created by PotatoFox on August 27, 2014

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DanWithTheHat4/5/15 11:44am
Yeah, it is most likely a bot that fills that info in.

I officially Deleted Discount Cannon. I actually had them marked on my list to delete from before. Must have missed it when I finally went through and swept all of them out for good.

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Kirito4/5/15 6:05pm
Thanks Dan. I'll keep my eye out for more.

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Kirito5/2/15 6:11pm
Please remove user name ComeBack. It's an alt created by Asora that was initially intended for nefarious deeds. Thanks! :-)

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crazyhead425/2/15 9:13pm
Please thank Ki for having people magic and being amazing. He somehow stopped said nefarious deeds [Quite probably on his own].

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Kirito5/3/15 4:11pm
I really appreciate that Crazyhead. Yes, I dissuaded him from spamming the forum or doing something else to rile everyone up, but in all honesty, anyone could have done it. I have an unbelievable respect for everyone here and if I have the opportunity to help the forums out or give back in any way, I'll take it.

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Kirito5/7/15 11:54am
Another spam account: "summitdentalcenter" please delete as soon as convenient :-)

account: summitdentalcenter

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MobileCrusader5/7/15 1:03pm
Thanks, its gone.

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crazyhead425/7/15 10:28pm
But what if the DK summits need dental work, huh? No one ever thinks about them!!!! [... You know what... now would be a good time to go to sleep.]

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MobileCrusader5/8/15 5:47am
Lol what

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DanWithTheHat6/2/15 7:03pm
Forum Maintenance Update!

I unstuck the raffle thread now that it is over and stickifyed the kickstarter discussion thread so it stays on the top of the event board.

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Kymastrider6/12/15 7:00am
Ive noticed that there are some technical issues with the menus on the site, especially in the front page, has anyone else ran into that problem?

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MrDarkwraith6/12/15 2:23pm
It seems fine for me. Could it just be an temporary issue with your internet?

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Prometheus6/12/15 3:12pm
I ran into this problem on my IE browser earlier, as well. Could have something to do with the Prelude update screwing something up. Not even the homepage can handle the bombshell. X'D

Anyway, the homepage menu worked fine on my iPod and it works fine with the Steam browser, which I'm using right now. Not sure if it fixed itself for IE or any other browser yet. If people are having trouble with it, might have to shoot Dave a message. He'll be checking his backlogged e-mail and messages soon, so now is a good time to inform him of any technical issues with the main site or the forum.

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FoxBrethren6/12/15 3:21pm
No I ran into it as well... the links sometimes go wonky and the page title is "DKVerticalTemplate" which I don't remember being the case previously. Also it keeps me from being able to navigate the main site using my phone.

Note: The links currently are not acting up for me but previously all of them lead to which just took me to the top of the main page again.

Edit: I agree with Prometheus as I didn't have any issues until after the Prelude update

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DanWithTheHat6/14/15 6:45pm
Yeah, it seems to happen with any browser. Its a bit buggy for me on Firefox as well.

For future reference, any discussion on site or forum bugs should go here:

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