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Subscribe to this thread Namah created by Ice4smaster on February 10, 2013

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JackyV2/24/14 7:28am
nawww one of Namahs greatest traits is her loyalty so at worst I think she will be a little conflicted about it at first but will make the right decision. But you are right Turbo Evil Namah will be....scary to say the least.

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SuperTurbo42/24/14 7:31am
Indeed. She has a very scary imagination.

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MobileCrusader2/24/14 7:41am
She would probably play games with her targets.

Lol, nabonidus would have his hands full with her.

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SuperTurbo42/24/14 7:43am
Torture games.

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JackyV2/24/14 7:45am
She would make Wisp look completely controllable.

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SuperTurbo42/24/14 7:46am
Indeed. And wisp is the one with the dangerous mood swings.

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MobileCrusader2/24/14 7:54am
Namah and Wisp, partners in insanity?

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JackyV2/24/14 7:59am
And that is when the Audurana becomes officially screwed.

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MobileCrusader2/24/14 8:01am
Or unscrewed.
Like screw loose.
Like crazy.

I'll show myself out.

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SuperTurbo42/24/14 8:16am
So, what do you think Namah will do next when Dave and Liz write the next Lilith and Namah prelude?

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MobileCrusader2/24/14 8:18am
More shenanigans I assume. She's still stuck inside. Not many options on her part.

Lilith is a little bit harder to call.

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SuperTurbo42/24/14 9:03am
Indeed. She'd have to use the ventilation system. Viscount Calah is sure to have found a way to counter that.

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CalicoYorki2/24/14 9:07am
I'm personally really interested to see how Namah developed from the spastic little hellion we see in Prelude to the more controlled, quirky, and at times menacing young woman in the GNS. I think that perhaps the last events we saw in her part of the Prelude could be the start of her changes, but we'll merely have to see.

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SuperTurbo42/24/14 9:10am
Who do you suppose her NEXT tutor will be?

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MobileCrusader2/24/14 9:24am
Maybe she will personally decide to settle down a bit after the harm she caused the guards in the last chapter.

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