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Subscribe to this thread Namah created by Ice4smaster on February 10, 2013

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Salahir2/14/14 12:32pm
Okay, you get all of my wat for the idea Namah being Mace mother. That's just twisted +_* I hope it will not end up in this cliché revelation scenes, one parent being one of the evil minions. The one with the gas mask just covered it enough :D

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DanWithTheHat2/15/14 4:36pm
I think CalicoYorki meant that Namah is child of Calah and another DK who is also Mace's Mom which would make them brother and sister. XD

That would be some crazy stuff though if Namah was Mace's mom. My mind would shatter into a million pieces.

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CalicoYorki2/15/14 4:42pm
Namah =/= Mace's mom.

Namah = Mace's sister?

Could be!

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Salahir2/15/14 7:40pm
Kay, just got confused there. Ya, maybe. Dunno. Orphans tend to have interesting background stories in such adventures^^

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ezioauditore972/16/14 8:52am
For some reason I think Nainso might be Mace's Dad but clearly I'm probably crazy.I do wonder who Namah's mother is though.

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Prometheus2/16/14 10:34am
Well, I can see Namah and Mace being another Luke and Leia case. Namah may not be the only illegitimate one, here. Theory: Both Mace and Namah come along from the same mother at nearly the same time, Mace gets sent away to a low-life orphanage at a tender age while Namah stays with her family in solitary confinement. His tender age may be the reason why Mace doesn't remember a thing about his parents, which would be absolutely convenient for Calah.

Maaaan, that would be soooo messed up. These two eventually finding love in one another and somewhere down the line, they encounter Calah, he buckles under the pressure and reveals the truth of their origins. The amount of heartbreaks from the characters and fans alike would be mind-boggling. XD

Oh, and another thing! That would also mean Mace would have a sister... and a half-sister, Lilith! XD I am going to throw so many "CALLED IT!!!'s" if this is how the story goes.

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SuperTurbo42/16/14 3:51pm
Then that would make Mace's crush on Lilith really awkward.

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JackyV2/17/14 5:08pm
ohhh that would be pretty messed up for mace. Though im guessing Lilith would be happy because personally I doubt she knows mace likes her.

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MobileCrusader2/17/14 5:23pm
I really hope that Mace and Namah are not the next Luke and Leia... that would completely ruin my headcannon. :)

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JackyV2/18/14 6:14pm
Mace being namahs brother that would be terrible for me as a Mace X Namah supporter!

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MobileCrusader2/18/14 6:27pm
I'm a little bit concerned for my head cannon because Namah seems at least a little taken by Bast. That doesn't bode well for me either.

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CalicoYorki2/21/14 2:49pm
I would like to say, @ Prometheus,

If that particular phone rings, be careful who picks it up.

I do believe I called it first.

*dr. evil impression*

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JackyV2/22/14 12:48am
Oh no now I'm worried about the Mace x Namah ship.

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CalicoYorki2/22/14 9:04am
Namah x Mace is my DreamKeepers OTP.

Besides...They might -not- be siblings.

It's just a wild speculation, at this point.

* admittedly one I first suggested, but yeah

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MobileCrusader2/22/14 9:07am
Namah x Mace seems to be really popular here, which is absolutely fine by me.

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