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Subscribe to this thread Namah created by Ice4smaster on February 10, 2013

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Alej6/30/15 1:28pm

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Kirito6/30/15 5:59pm
Not much to discuss about Namah at the moment.

Also, bumping may be just a bit spammy, so if you're gonna do it, have a new discussion topic or comment in mind ^w^

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Prometheus6/30/15 6:26pm
Yeah, there's no need to "bump" threads here. They don't fall off the site like they do on chans. Necroing is allowed here, too. Next time, bump with something to say. ^^

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BryanDimmsdale7/1/15 12:41am
Except the part where she kept the theory about babies are lies; that's awesome! XD

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Alej7/1/15 6:38am
Oh sorry for the bump Ive spent too much time on the Destiny forums XD

I do think Namah being named after a theological demon is incredibly accurate though XD

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NatChon7/1/15 7:27pm
I can believe it.

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Alej7/1/15 8:33pm
No I'm serious. Google Namaah.

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NatChon7/2/15 12:52am
I know that is why I said I believe it.

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Vandorbelt7/22/15 4:29pm
Funny story: I read a book series called "Dragons in our Midst" a while back before finding dreamkeepers and the main antagonists of the prequel book were named Lilith and Naamah. When I first picked up dreamkeepers, I was surprised because I recalled this other book series having a pair of sisters with the same names. Due to the fact that the book was meant to carry over many themes and characters from Biblical stories, I figured that Lilith and Naamah, the theological characters, must be the inspiration for the DK girls' names. I finally remember to see if anyone else had picked up on this, and as it turns out, they had!
tl:dr I was beat to the punch but was excited to see that other people had noticed the connection to Lilith and Namah's names...

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Kirito7/22/15 6:24pm
Actually, nearly everything in Dreamkeepers can be tied back to Mesopotamian Mythology. Pretty cool!

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NatChon7/28/15 7:36am
For example, Vanth.

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NatChon8/18/15 8:43am
Going back to my previous point, I don't remember where I first brought it up. Tinsel is Namah's mother. It is almost as if Dave is shoving it into our faces at this point. Literally several pages touch on this point.

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Kirito8/18/15 9:28am

I would tend to agree, but doesn't it seem a little too obvious? Like you said, the idea is being shoved in our face. Personally I think they're trying to mislead us. It's just such a huge plot point to be revealed in the prelude in my opinion. I could be wrong, of course, but that's my thinking as of now.

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NatChon8/18/15 9:54am
We will have to wait and see.

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AlphaMoron12/6/15 10:45pm
Hmm, what is this? Namah character discussion?... I like. Another!

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