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Subscribe to this thread Namah created by Ice4smaster on February 10, 2013

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Auran4/22/15 8:31pm
Hmm well namah's knowledge is more that of an adult mixed with childish passion and imagination so shes kinda ahead of her time

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Prometheus4/22/15 9:29pm
Namah is like Mandy from Grim Adventures, only she's more manic and energetic. She sees things in a more logical manner than a normal kid would, but still lets her inner child rule her actions.

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SuperTurbo44/23/15 7:23pm
Well, at least Namah can smile without causing all of reality to shatter.

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Kirito4/23/15 7:24pm
That's a great comparison, Pro! I hadn't thought of that :-)

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NatChon5/2/15 9:16pm
Sorry, this may not pertain to this conversation or even this page, but did anyone else see the Calvin and Hobbes poster on her window and the Jango Fett-esque helmet on her bookshelf on page 65 of the graphic novel saga, or was it just me?

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DanWithTheHat5/7/15 8:40pm
Gotta love Dave's Easter Eggs... I guess Namah was able to find away to get things from the human world. XD

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crazyhead425/7/15 10:27pm
Well, Hobbs is basically one big dreamkeeper with the power (upsidedown halo or masking it with his power) to become a stuffed animal.

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NatChon5/9/15 1:54pm
It is unlikely but, like how only mace can understand whip, Calvin could be the only one who can see Hobbes like that.

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NatChon6/27/15 2:53am
Who else feels bad for Namah. Lilith is almost killed twice, she herself is being hunted, and she was locked up for her entire childhood. I think the gaurds should have done something about it, even if it was just letting her out of her room every once in a while. They took her to the garden and she was behaved.

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BryanDimmsdale6/27/15 7:38am
I don't feel bad for her because because she was in a lockdown because they did that already and it partially worked; I feel bad for her that she will never be loved by her father.

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Kirito6/27/15 8:17pm
Not sure what you mean in the first part of that statement, Bryan, but I do agree with the second half. I still think that there may be love for Namah in Callah's heart. He did attend her birthday party.

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NatChon6/28/15 2:26am
Gotta give him props for trying, even though she didn't like it one bit.

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DanWithTheHat6/28/15 7:06am
"They took her to the garden and she was behaved"

I don't know if you could call running away into the garden and getting Bill stuck under something behaved. She was a bit out of control there. I can see why the guards keep her locked up. It's too much of a risk.

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NatChon6/28/15 12:31pm
She is being rebellious. She wouldn't act that way if she was never locked up in the first place.

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Alej6/30/15 1:06pm
I love how Namah is named after a theological demon. XD it fits her.

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