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Subscribe to this thread Namah created by Ice4smaster on February 10, 2013

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Kymastrider1/4/15 12:15pm
considering how much she hates Tinsel and the nightmares for almost killing Lilith I imagine the chances of her joining there side are next to none, especially since Nabby wants Namah dead as well as Lilith.

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Asora1/4/15 1:04pm

I'm with Kymastrider on this one.

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BryanDimmsdale2/8/15 4:24am
Needed to create a hypothesis/theory for Namah’s mother in Namah’s thread. I know we haven’t seen her yet and the other mother, but she is far more mysterious than Lilith’s mother, though the same curiosity nonetheless. One could wonder how in the world the Discount was able to keep this secret for a very long time, and yet keep his fame and fortune as a political figure throughout the series. I also ask myself if the two mothers even met; I bet she’s the mistress and Lilith’s mother wasn’t aware at this at all. Still, if she’s gone, how come Namah wasn’t dispose of, maybe because of the so called “pity” and “care” from her father, but that is more applicable to Lilith, don’t you think? So the question is why, and what?

Now here’s my hypothesis/theory into play:

First off, and I’m always emphasizing this, she may have something to do with the toll wars, but far different. I also suspect Lilith’s mother, but I believe she is more innocent than Namah’s mother. I believe both of the mothers have connection with Igrath, but in my guess “Lillian” (I’m gonna call Lilith’s mother for now) only knows family relationships, while “Noel” (for now, name for Namah’s mother) knows more that Igrath has some secrets that she wanted to discover. She might be aware of the nightmares to begin with, and wanted to know more if this has to do something with the Andurunan government. In my guess she seduced the Discount way before Tinsel did, and bore a child. And then get some information out of him, but eventually she fell in love illegally and became the first mistress, since Lillian is the legal wife without much knowing about it.

This leads to my second guess, and it can be connected to the first. Here’s where Tinsel came into play. After her birth to Namah, I believed she was assassinated by Tinsel unnoticed, or wanted to be assassinated. But before her tragic fate, or before she departed/left, I think she promised something to Viscount Calah about something about taking care and protecting Namah. I’m sure what exactly, but I believe it’s important, and somehow the Viscount is disgust and shameful about it. It’s like she knew that Tinsel is a dark dreamkeeper all along, and wanted to take the Viscount from her so that Tinsel can use him from a sinister scheme. She may be both protecting the Viscount or protection for her unknown daughter. Maybe that’s why Tinsel hates Namah so much, I’m afraid.

Lastly, I believe she knew of Mace’s and Whip’s existence, and maybe protecting them indirectly. But I don’t think that Noel is also Mace’s and Whip’s mother. It could be also the sole reason why Namah exist as well, so that she could protect both Mace and Lilith from the dark DKs and nightmares. She may also have a relation with Nainso and the other to become Troikas before the prelude and the GNS started. The thing is, she is more of a spy, an observer to people that needs to be looking out for. For the “to-be” troikas, she’s a walking encyclopedia (and I believe Namah inherited her mother’s intelligence) and can be a real threat to the enemy if not dispose of properly (the reason why she left unknown or assassinated).

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crazyhead422/24/15 10:18pm
-_- I just started re-binging parts of the archives, and Namah is really smart. Like ridiculously smart.

That vocabulary:
That MATH:

In fact, Namah didn't even start out with disrespect. I think we missed that. She started by honestly asking for one piece of control in her life. Kinda sad.

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BryanDimmsdale2/24/15 10:33pm
In those pages, Namah reminded me of "somebody" in the forums.

Actually, I believe knowledge and intelligence runs in the Calah family, both the mother and the father. I mean I know her father's a jerk, but admit it, politicians are intelligent and have very smart ideas, it just not as moral and common good.

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crazyhead422/24/15 10:35pm
... I'm not quite sure who you think the forum Namah is. It's probably not me though, although I do have a certain level of finesse when it comes to the digital world, don't like being locked in my head...


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TFeathersB2/25/15 12:52pm
I just discovered that Lilith and Naamah are the names of two demon sisters who raped Adam (As in Adam and Eve) and has demonic children with him and were also mistresses of the Angle of Death...

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crazyhead422/25/15 2:20pm
... these stories are weird. I always just thought Namah was Lilith (Due to the eyes).

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Kymastrider2/26/15 6:03am
The time Namah flooded the hallway, I always have trouble keeping a straight face when viewing this page.

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BryanDimmsdale2/28/15 6:41am
@TFeathersB: Hmm, I'll be researching on that; I haven't encounter that story yet. Where did you find it, I may asked?

@Kymastrider: Well, is she attempting suicide, or does she just wanna swim in her homemade aquarium?

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crazyhead422/28/15 4:26pm Namah has said she prefers Lilith's reading to her own. My question is why would that be? Is she merely desperate for social connections? Is she just desperate to connect to her sister? Does her sister do the voices [Edit - she totally dose the voices.]? Or is Namah possibly dyslexic, explaining why she can only "read for herself now" as opposed to as early as Lilith?

More questions: Namah seems happy when she's saying "because they caught me". Why would she still be happy, and not change to a less satisfied look when she said those lines? Could she not really mind being caught, so long as she gets to enjoy the chase? [edit: this is actually not quite that unlikely. If you look at her reaction ( and to the injury she caused Bill (, as well as how calm she was after running around with the guards chasing her(, I'm thinking she's got too much energy and not enough ways to spend it, so she does what she can to get active and "socialize" with the guards, generally meaning she escapes and gets chased until eventually being caught, only to redo this again on a later date]

Maybe I should stop reading this at random. Nah.

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TFeathersB3/1/15 1:50am
@BryanDimmsdale It was mostly from skimming through three Wikipedia pages. There are lots of differences in the stories about them so I just picked some of the ones that stayed somewhat similar between all three pages. I would have looked for more evidence then just Wiki, but I didn't have time.

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FoxPhantom4/20/15 6:02am
Ok, one thing I wanted to ask about the last prelude.
What got Namah to all of a sudden hate Mr. Chitters?
Is it possible that she really hates overly happy cheerful characters?

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Kirito4/22/15 6:46pm
Well, as Liz puts it: "He’s that void of life cartoony face of joy that stampedes over the memories of childhood." We know that Namah's world view is in stark contrast to what normal kids see. Instead of fun times and happiness, she most likely sees Mr. Chitters as a capitalistic tool used by adults to exploit children.

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GodofVelcro4/22/15 8:12pm
Damnit Capitalism.

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