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Subscribe to this thread Namah created by Ice4smaster on February 10, 2013

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Kymastrider12/24/14 12:09pm
what I mean is spastic kung fu/rocket launcher fight discussions that have nothing do to with the topic of namah.

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Asora12/24/14 12:12pm

No offence Kymastrider, but, you failed at the obvious details on my comment.

*takes out staff*


*strikes down staff - sends Kymastrider to an alternate dimension for 10 min.*

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Kirito12/24/14 12:55pm
Oh yes I agree. Don't rope me into something Asora started please XD

Asora that's enough

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Asora12/24/14 12:57pm
Okay, sorry.

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Kirito12/24/14 1:26pm
no probs 8D

anywho Namah is amazing and that's that

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Asora12/24/14 1:47pm
Amen to that brother! :D

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SuperTurbo412/24/14 10:16pm
Anyway, back to Namah.

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Asora12/25/14 10:10am

What are the chances of Namah mentioning Gregori in the GNS?

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Kymastrider12/25/14 9:46pm
like I saying.

My other Favorite Namah moments are usually anytime we see into her wild and crazy imagination.

Namah being the ruler of her own nation and goes flying off to fight the enemy with her butterfly wings.

Namah relaying her great escape/revenge plan to her sister, where she imagines them dressed as mortal kombat chaacters and her cutting Woods inhalf ala mortal kombat style.

Another Namah fantasy (and without a dought the darkest) is a Halloween prelude where she turns into a Tim Burton monster and eats everyone in the towers that have either kept her from freedom or she doesn't like (ala Tinsel) accept for Lilith who watch's in terror covered in blood.

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ST34LTH12/25/14 11:53pm
OMG! I'd not seen those Halloween Specials before. They are awesome!

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DanWithTheHat12/27/14 9:43pm
Her imagination/crazy thinking is probably her best power. Its got her out of one tough situation so far in the GNS. I'm sure we will see it in use again many times.

If you want to see more awesome examples of her imagination, Look at the Christmas Prelude from a couple years ago:

That time, it had some "destructive" results to say the least.

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Asora12/28/14 9:34am
"Destructive" meaning that the incident Namah caused was high costs of property damage, vent damage, the loss of personal belongings, endangering the lives of others, and almost destroying Tinsels hair (which could've been a good thing though).

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Aman37121/1/15 4:25pm
I'm probably not the only one who feels this, but Namah is so far my #1 favorite character in DK.

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Asora1/1/15 4:28pm
*gasp* You don't say? (no offense)

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Kirito1/1/15 4:32pm
wow asora chill dude. Here's my character ranking:


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