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Subscribe to this thread Namah created by Ice4smaster on February 10, 2013

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DanWithTheHat12/17/13 5:44pm
I support that ship. Dave even put them on a poster together so there as to be something there! ^_^

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ezioauditore9712/18/13 7:17pm
I can see that although I hope Mace still gets along with Lilith since she's so sweet.

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xLordxDraconuisx1/2/14 9:25am
Is it just me or can anyone else see Namah sing along to "Roar" by Katy?

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DanWithTheHat1/2/14 10:28pm
You just gave me an awesome idea so I had to make it:

Edit: Posted it on DeviantART Here:

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xLordxDraconuisx1/3/14 6:14pm
LOL. I like it, it just so.... perfect.

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DanWithTheHat1/3/14 9:49pm
Thanks! My favorite part about it is Lilith's facepalm. She looks so disappointed in Namah. XD

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ezioauditore971/4/14 7:35am
That was one funny joke right there!Good one!

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MobileCrusader2/5/14 6:54am
I prefer the Namah x Mace angle myself!

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SuperTurbo42/9/14 2:11am
Who do you suppose Namah's mother was?

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Salahir2/9/14 4:06am
The guardmen would say: A demon :3

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SuperTurbo42/9/14 7:20am
Considering she scares them half to death, I think they would say that.

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DanWithTheHat2/9/14 6:44pm
I could imagine when there comes a point in the GNS where Bill, Woods, and Damon have to work together with Namah. The comedy there will be awesome.

As for Namah's mom, Tinsel would be the leading candidate I would think. If she was though, how was Tinsel able to hide the fact she was pregnant while being everywhere? Was she even famous at that time or was it before she became the DK version of Kim Kardashian?

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Prometheus2/9/14 7:16pm

Gotta admit, she was also my first guess at being her mystery mom. XD

But, what I want to know is if Tinsel is her mom, how was Calah involved?

Even deeper analysis: The GNS takes place in the year 1227. Prelude is in 1221. If I recall from the early reference sheets of the main cast, I believe Namah is 14 while Tinsel is somewhere in her 20's.

Could it be possible that Tinsel, should she be Namah's mom, was underaged when Namah was conceived? Just how clean of a man is Calah, if he really is her father?

Holy hell, I think I better shut up now. My inner conspiracy theorist is running rampant again. XD

But yeah, my bet is on Tinsel being her mom.

As for Namah and the guards, I'm sure that she's gonna find some way to get back at them for keeping her locked up for so long. Regardless if they're on an important mission or not. XD

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Salahir2/10/14 10:22am
Mh, Tinsel was my first guess, too. But my reasons are a bit different. Both share the fact they have no actual visible nose. And both are able to use some sort of, eh, tendrils. The hair and the nether tendrils of Namah are functioning nearly the same way.
But an underaged girl as the illegitimate mother of Namah, becoming a star and manipulative monster after all? Wow, Calah seems to have the seed of to speak :D

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CalicoYorki2/14/14 11:33am
Now, if Tinsel were under-aged when Namah was conceived, that would make perfect sense as to why Viscount Calah went to such great lengths to conceal her - it goes beyond the fact that she's his ~illegitimate~ child, if Tinsel is indeed the mother, and if the ages Prometheus referenced matched up, then perhaps Viscount hid her because of how earth-shattering this revelation would be.

Because, he's obviously ditched Lilith's mother for Tinsel a looong time ago. Tinsel's surely on someone's records somewhere. Namah probably has no files which can be accessed by very few Andurunans, if any, besides Calah, in that case. Because, not only can they match her to Tinsel in a maternity test, I assume, but I also know that they can confirm her age through certain tests. This would mean that they could surmise Tinsel's approximate age when Namah was conceived, and born. Calah would not just be out of office: if Anduruna has laws regarding the age of consent, which I'm sure they do, I'm sure he would be thrown in prison.

Perhaps that's also why Tinsel and Namah have such animosity towards each other. Oh, wait, wait, wait. This leads down to two further possibilities, both of which are delectable if this theory is true:

1.) Tinsel knows she's the mother, Namah doesn't. Tinsel despised Namah for this reason, and the way she's treated Namah has caused Namah to retaliate as long as she's known her.

2.) ~Neither~ are aware of their relation. Namah might have been raised without either knowing who the other was, in terms of their relation.

The second possibility of course begs the question: if Tinsel is indeed Namah's mother, and she does not know it at this stage, how will this affect her position when the truth outs?

Of course, I did also just think of a possibility which will go over with my fellow fans like a block of cesium in a bucket of water.

Okay, I ship Namah with Mace. It is a good ship. But what if we've been giving more red herrings than we are aware of?

Mace likes Lilith now, but of course, that can change. It's the most obvious choice, but Namah and Mace is only slightly less obvious, and they seem to be a perfect match.

But I recall a certain thing like this being done before. A roguish young man who does not know all about his lineage...A young woman who is surrounded by political nonsense...

It's not an exact fit, but think about this: what if there's only one mother, yet to be introduced, for us to find out about?

What if Namah is the illegitimate child of Calah...

...And Mace's mother?

It would be tenfold more terrible than Luke and Leia.

Please, let us pray this does not transpire!

let's pray reeeally hard

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