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Subscribe to this thread Namah created by Ice4smaster on February 10, 2013

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Ice4smaster2/10/13 1:40am
This thread is for Namah, not sure will this place able to contain her awesome though XD

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ezioauditore972/10/13 5:17pm
You are right!We are going to need to put 10 other threads on here dedicated to her before she goes all ninja-ish and stealthy!(Just kidding of course!)

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CalvinCopyright2/11/13 11:04am
I hereby vow to not post here until I've read Vol 3.

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Tricky2/12/13 2:12am
I really love how well the prelude comics did at adding dimension to her character. It was very cool to look at her whole backstory and see her life before the events of Volume 1. It gave me a very good understanding of who she is as a person; why she dislikes her father so much, why she's built up such a reputation with the Sabbaton guard, why she has little respect for authority and why she acts the way she does. Reading the books again after reading the prelude comics gave me such a bigger and better perspective on her as a well-developed character. The same can be said for the other main characters too.

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Tricky2/12/13 2:15am
And on top of all of that; she is clearly a genius of a kid who (I'm sure with the help of Lilith) has taught herself almost everything she knows, thus making her that much more crafty and devious.

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Ice4smaster2/12/13 10:32am
Well we have 2 genius for sure, Lillith, and Namah are both very smart, and Namah is the mad scientist kinda. And truely i'm suprized how Kalah is not the smart one, who read V3 get me perfectly lol, but even with out that is comes through he is a puppet at best. And Namah rock! No sorry, Namah is HEAVY METAL hehe =p

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Kobalt952/12/13 5:32pm
All hail the Pink Terror!!!

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Roan2/14/13 7:57pm
Namah is my second favorite character in the series. (First favorite character being Lilith BTW )
But, she is actually one of the characters who make the series come to life ya know.. like make it more interesting?

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DarkAnge12/17/13 3:40am
Glory to She who is the Terror of the Towers, the Sealer of Fates & the Harbinger of Disorder!

My. Role. Model.

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ezioauditore972/17/13 7:04am
She is indisputably awesome alright!

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Graystripe772/17/13 11:36am

I like Namah's crushing on Bast in Vol 3. It'll be fun to see how that all plays out.

*End Spoiler*

Namah is awesome. Definitely my favorite character.

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Roan2/17/13 11:41am
Quite true. I want to see that as well. V4 better come soon.

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Thegunner182/17/13 12:42pm
Come on, now, Roan. V4 coming quickly? I'd eat my own hat if that happened. ;)

But...I wouldn't mind eating my hat if it meant V4 *did* come quickly. :3

On topic: I guess you could say that Namah's a kind of the 'comic relief' character in the comic. Whenever she's visible, something weird and wacky almost always happens. It really does brighten up the atmosphere when she's around. And I love that :D

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Roan2/17/13 3:38pm
I just like the series. That is it. Also, whenever I read the Volumes, I'm always on the edge of my seat. XD

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CalicoYorki2/18/13 3:32pm
How can you categorize Namah, as a character archetype?

In so many words, you just can't. She's not "The Goth", she's not, she's not "The Smart Girl", she's not "The Prankster", but just as much as she's none of those, she's all of those. She is one of DreamKeepers's best examples of a character that is wholly one-of-a-kind, and that is nigh impossible to replicate. She's an ordinary girl, for the most part, put through an extraordinarily oppressed kind of childhood, but instead of feeling sorry for herself, decided that she would find her own ways to cope.

That being to keep buggering on, and to become a master of all things that would make her father's life hell. She's also incredibly devoted to her sister, in a way that really touches an emotional, human part of readers like me.

I really wish I could put into words how I feel about Namah, but it's so many things that are hard to write. It's...The feeling I get when I wake up, on a day off, and it's raining just a little bit. It's the feeling I get when I get my bed just the way I want it, and I feel so at ease and comfortable. It's the feeling I get when I'm talking to a friend who I admire.

Does any of that make sense? I'm a bit sleep-deprived at the moment, never you mind.

Carry on the dissertation.

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