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Subscribe to this thread The Twins, Kalei and Jeneviv created by Ice4smaster on February 9, 2013

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Kirito5/22/15 8:14pm
So we know she's glowing and can't/won't talk. The mute trait is very similar to that of people who experience extreme grief or some other traumatic experience. This leads me to believe that something was done to her when she was in the Nightmare's custody. As for clipping a halo, I'm not sure you can do that. It isn't tangible unless I'm mistaken. I honestly have no idea as to why she's glowing as she is, however.

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Kymastrider5/23/15 10:03am
there still this feeling looking at her in the poster that Kalei's condition is only going to grow from bad, to worse. They clearly did something to her while she was in there custody, I have a theory that maybe Scuttler or someone experimented on her, and made her able to use her powers without her halo which could have badly unforeseen consequences on Kalei's end.

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Tango5/23/15 12:07pm
I'm thinking it has more to do with how her sister was killed then anything else.

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crazyhead425/23/15 7:19pm
What if she's infected with a nightmare? Maybe she absorbed one while they were regenerating or something?

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Kirito5/24/15 6:12pm
Interesting thought, Crazhead. I'm not sure if that is possible, but anything is possible.

Right now I'm leaning towards Kyma's theory that she was experimented on.

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BryanDimmsdale5/25/15 6:35am
Though I always assumed that Kalei would be confined like in this scene:

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crazyhead425/25/15 7:49am
Uh... can you check the link please? I can't see it.

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BryanDimmsdale5/25/15 8:15am
^^(Edited the video above)

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NatChon7/7/15 10:52pm
She wouldn't have been experimented on. She wouldn't be wondering about if she was. She was most likely released by scuttler in order to ensure that void would not be controlled by nabby.

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Alej7/12/15 9:40pm
I think Kalei is simply in a catatonic state, like how sometimes one twin can see the other even after they die. Maybe she just completely shut out the outside world in her grief?

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NatChon7/13/15 10:29pm
Not completely but mostly. She is still seen wandering the streets. When she was caught by grunn, that probably pushed her farther into it but still not completely blocking out the outside world.

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Alej7/14/15 6:05pm
Well perhaps she still imagines Jen is with her so she just goes about her day forgetting Jen died? Idk but I don't find wandering around aimlessly as proof shes not catatonic lol.

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Kirito7/14/15 7:33pm
Seeing how she doesn't talk yet wandered the streets leads me to believe she was not in control of her own mind.

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NatChon7/14/15 9:12pm

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Alej7/15/15 8:03am
Idk about that. I mean who is possessing her then? I think she's just aloof.

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