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Subscribe to this thread The Twins, Kalei and Jeneviv created by Ice4smaster on February 9, 2013

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TFeathersB1/18/15 3:01pm
I wouldn't say Kalei's not the sharpest, she just sesames more excitable and free then Jeneviv. It's sad that she understandably is the exact opposite in the GNS.

I also like the last panel of this page where she essentially brakes the 4th wall and Jeneviv isn't that happy about it:

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Kymastrider1/18/15 7:16pm
in the second to last panel she looks like she has afew screws loose, maybe its just her natural hyperactive spontaneous young girl instinct, but Jeneviv probably feels she has to supervise her.

Kalei doesn't seem to hesitate to discard her uniform, and its funny how Jeneviv mentions "anything that distracts Kalei ought to help team productivity."

Even Jeneviv who's the more down to earth one can sometimes act like her twin sister.

I especially love this scene from there imagionations Jeneviv "I told him to stay and left no contingency instructions, How Much time do we have before starvation sets in?" Kalei "Oh, and he's blocking the door to, fire hazard"

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BryanDimmsdale1/19/15 3:06am
Wow, looks like Kalei can be quite similar to Namah in some aspects.

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crazyhead423/1/15 11:10pm
... Kale and Jenivev are never seen apart in the prelude for long, are they? What if they were two dream-keepers for the same person? Something bad happens to humans that loose their DreamKepers, but if a person had two...

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Kobalt953/2/15 12:53am
I think its pretty safe to assume that the twins are Dreamkeepers of a human pair of twins.

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Kirito3/2/15 4:15am
I can only imagine while one human counterpart is fine while the other spirals into madness as nightmares invade her mind.

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sporefox13/2/15 7:25am
@Kirito that would be the worst nightmare in itself. An invasion of nightmarish creatures with nightmarish powers devolving ones mind into utter madness and eventually... well its not a pretty picture

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crazyhead423/2/15 9:20am
But... Headmates are a thing!

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Prometheus3/4/15 12:09pm
Kalei's human counterpart must be racked with fear as Jeneviv's counterpart starts to suffer from the Nightmares interdimensional assault on her mind.

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BryanDimmsdale3/4/15 4:57pm
I'm gonna ask Dave about the DK killing by Nightmares thing. Imo, I think the human counterpart would turn insane/possessed, and then she would die in a supernatural accident. Because in my point of view, if a DK died unnaturally, that would be in turn the same as for the human Jenaviv.

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TFeathersB3/5/15 12:56am
I looked through the chat logs and someone asked him that question. I can't remember exactly when it was but Dave said that if a Dreamkeeper kills a Dreamkeeper then their Human will kill the other's Human, but if a Nightmare kills a Dreamkeeper then the Human would live, but be open to attack by the Nightmares.

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crazyhead423/5/15 8:47am
But that messes things up if a human with a dead Dreamkeeper attacks another human. David said an accident would happen to them, but...

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Kymastrider4/7/15 3:54pm
So didn't Lilith mention to Namah to drop Cuddles/Vincent off at Kalei and Jeneviv. So they don't know they've been reported missing yet then, so if Namah finds out Kalei and Jeneviv aren't there to take care of Vincent/Cuddles, does that mean there taking him down to the caverns with them? I also have the feeling with Tendril on there tails there going to end up loosing some luggage.

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Kirito4/7/15 6:08pm
yeah, I can see Vincent going with them. He'd be a nice addition and an excellent plot device.

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Kymastrider5/22/15 11:28am
Alright well since this is going to be a plot speculation of Volume 4, Take a look at how Kalei looks in this poster.

It would be natural to assume she's glowing like that because of her power, but where's her halo? I find myself thinking spirits what did the nightmares do to you while you were kidnapped Kalei. Did Scuttler experiment on her and because he clipped her halo, her power is now growing unchecked?

Is Kalei bound to become the Dark Phoenix of the Dreamkeepers world, if here powers continue to grow like this will she burn up and burst into flames? I really don't want to see Kalei die but her condition does not seem normal, even by Dreamworld Logic.

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