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Subscribe to this thread The Twins, Kalei and Jeneviv created by Ice4smaster on February 9, 2013

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MobileCrusader4/17/14 5:53am
I'm honestly not seeing her...

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Salahir4/19/14 11:51am
Huh? She's left of the tongue nightmare.

Well, that's a psyker thing. Floating hair without wind, hovering around, glowing eyes, reaching out your hand for nothing visible. Our deepest fear of the supernatural and the desire for theatralic moments. Well, at least for the most of humankind. And sometimes this fear prevents further need to fight and damage. I'm pretty sure Kalei knows that^^

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MobileCrusader4/19/14 2:51pm
Oh I see her now! No idea how I missed that...

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CalicoYorki4/20/14 2:28pm
I can't believe I missed the conclusion that Kalei + Mind Crush = Queen of Games.


"I'm here to kick ass and play a children's card game. And I'm all outta ass."

"God dammit Nappa!"

Okay, got my Abridged nonsense out of my system.

I think that perhaps, while Kalei's and Jeneviv's borderline mind rape of Stacephanie was probably not a power activation, it may -reflect- what their Power(s) do.

Perhaps Kalei holds the active part of the power, and Jeneviv holds the passive part?

i.e., Kalei would manipulate minds, Jeneviv would inspire action. Together, even without their Powers fully activated, they are a lethal mental combination.

So, it could be that Jeneviv's Power was so passive, it required her death to summon Lord Void. Then again, have we heard definitively as to whether or not it was her -Power- that summoned him, per se?

Perhaps there is something else about Kalei and Jeneviv that made them ideal sacrifices...

...Dis gon' be gud.

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MobileCrusader4/20/14 8:57pm
Im expecting more answers regarding the Twins with this next volume. There is too much going on... too many open variables and unanswered questions in regards to them. We just cannot form a truly educated guess on their powers.

Not that lack of information will stop our trying.

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Wulfspyder4/21/14 2:45pm

It may be simply that the bond between the two and the connection of their powers was the reason she would be sacrificed, rather than her individual capacity. Think of it like a couple of atoms in the nucleus of a molecule. When you forcefully split them from each other, several craptons of energy is released. Jeneviv's death while leaving Kalei alive may have caused a similar outpouring of energy that Scuttle's ritual siphoned into circumventing the Nightmare capacity rule of the universe.

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Salahir4/21/14 3:21pm
Well, and concerning your atomic power idea, after releasing the split energy, the atomic parts arrange anew. But with one part being gone and erupting a part as free energy, the other one holds more energy compared to the lesser mass. A radical. Maybe that's why Kalei is now more powerful and dangerous?

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Wulfspyder4/21/14 4:37pm
And why she's almost constantly glowing despite having no halo. It's possible that she and her sister were each other's balancing force, in a similar fashion to Indi and Digo's color shifting power, where both have the same two colors, but the primary/secondary relationship of one is the inverse of the other. With Jeneviv gone, Kalei might be a sort of "radioactive" in terms of her power.

Hopefully we do get more involved with how Jeneviv's personality was in Prelude leading up in years till she was captured. I think her power might've had to do with some kind of calming or nurturing effect on others, as the inverse of her more explosive sister.

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MobileCrusader4/22/14 5:15am
If your idea is true, then it could mean she is going through some sort of metamorphosis. Her body cannot handle the power, so it is changing to cope with the problem at hand.

Who knows what would be the same after that kind of change, though. Maybe her personality would even change.

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Wulfspyder4/22/14 9:44am
Or she might go Dark City on the Dreamworld and stuff starts changing shapes around her. Pretty much anything is possible with her at this point.

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MobileCrusader4/22/14 1:18pm
A blank plot-slate.

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BryanDimmsdale9/26/14 7:18am
I am reading the volume 1 again and I noticed something on the background, and sure enough, it's Kalei.

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Wulfspyder9/26/14 2:30pm
Maybe she has 4th Wall sense, she could be the Dreamworld version of Deadpool, but prettier.

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MobileCrusader11/28/14 7:54pm

Found the page that made me consider the homunculus theory.

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CalicoYorki11/30/14 3:39pm
Yes, but that page only shows the Underlord creating Sandmen. We do not know what the full extent of his abilities are, and it is hardly enough evidence to suggest that any dreamkeepers could be homunculi. Sorry if I'm being contrary or anything, but I don't feel comfortable with making theories predicated on things we're unsure about. Yes, we know the Sandmen are artificial creations, but as far as we've seen, they are mindless and essentially high-order implements for Nightmares. It is possible that this is a foreshadowing of the Twins, or someone else, to be homunculi, but something about the theory seems acutely suspect to me.

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