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Subscribe to this thread The Twins, Kalei and Jeneviv created by Ice4smaster on February 9, 2013

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MobileCrusader3/20/14 6:26am
I have been wondering if thecTwin's powers are exactly like other Dreamkeepers. They are obviously not normal, so maybe their powers manifest differently.

It may be a glimpse of her power, but I'd wager it safer to assume it is simply her being sneaky.

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Salahir3/20/14 7:04am
If she would hide between solid objects, but she hides in a noisy and busy crowd. Her voice seems to come from everywhere for Steph and even with the crowd noises she seems the hear the monologue perfectly.

It would fit to the twins, for psykic abilities may be contrary and complementary at once, like soft influence and command, both resulting in obedience, but with different aftertaste.

A physical crush power would not fit em anyways.

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Wulfspyder3/24/14 4:09pm
Kalei, the Mind Crusher.

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MobileCrusader3/24/14 6:20pm
Kalei, the Mystical Mind Melter

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Wulfspyder3/25/14 9:29am
Wait, if Kalei can mind crush....SHE'S THE QUEEN OF GAMES! D:

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MobileCrusader3/25/14 2:27pm
I wish we had been able to see Jeneviv's power.

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Wulfspyder3/25/14 7:40pm
Well, if we consider the Indigos power being reciprocal on each other to be a basis for DK twins, Jeneviv's power might've been the same as Kalei's is but with a very slight difference.

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Trubbol3/25/14 7:43pm
I think their powers might involve throwing clothing and books at people.

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Kobalt953/25/14 8:51pm
They could use those powers to throw clothes at Tinsel.

So she can put them on.

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MobileCrusader3/26/14 6:25am
Or throw them on her against her will.

But we don't know and may never know how different the twins' powers are.

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Wulfspyder3/27/14 10:21am
Maybe Jeneviv had the power to repair minds since Kalei seems to break them down.

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Salahir3/28/14 6:39am
Naw, she dun brakes them down. It seems to be more a telepatic bond with a touch of control. Maybe Jeneviv has a telepatic bond with a touch of empathy. That would go in the direction of healing minds. But together they seem to be both a bit sinister to Steph anyway^^

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MobileCrusader4/14/14 7:04am
Maybe the twins are just the avatars of entropy... Destined to degrade the very fabric of reality around them.

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Animefan184/16/14 10:49am
for some reason, Kalei's pose from: reminds me of storm...possibility?

Storm: It's about to get windy

Kalie: bitch please, you're sane because of me

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Wulfspyder4/16/14 4:47pm
Kalei's about to bring the rain!

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