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CalicoYorki12/5/13 4:24pm
We could go with that. If we want to ignore the fact that as of the end of Vol. 3, we do not know where Cuddles is. Yet we know where Kalei is, and Cuddles is not there. Draw your own conclusions. I stand by my theory that the whereabouts of Cuddles will lead Lilith and Namah to realize that Kalei and Jeneviv are gone.

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Salahir2/2/14 6:38am
Ok, let's steamroll some ideas and bring in some different :3

Let's say, bringing back or summoning a nightmare is not very different to the idea of summon demons. Not the candelish singing freakout, that's just...silly. More the type of bloody, attribute-linked sacrifice just shown in V1 at the start. Jeneviv corresponds to a young female virgin soul. Around the pit she's hanging are typical symbols of summoning and binding. The lance goes just through her heart, the medieval analogy of the center of soul. So, her virgin soul is released to empower the ritual. Wether or not her dreamkeeper skill supports that, is kinda irrelevant for that idea.
We don't know if Jeneviv was chosen by 'accident' or directly. I think, she was directly chosen. But why her? Because she is a twin. Real twins are rare and thus be interesting for ritual content. Twins are likely to have linked souls. In sacrificing Jeneviv to summon Lord Void, a process was started, with the ending result to bind the sacrificing the other twin, whose soul is linked to the summoning sacrifice and thus giving power over the summoned being.
But Kalei escaped and Lord Void wasn't bound. We don't know if Scuttler has done that on purpose or because he's an idiot. But Nabonidus isn't very happy to have Lord Void lurking around free.

Okay, let's get more complicated :3 Kalei escaped, as seen in V1 in haste through the streets of Alduruna, while her sister was captured and then sacrificed. We don't know when the sacrifice happened. I think it is a preview. So when Kalei escaped, Jeneviv wasn't dead so far. But anytime during the plot she is and her soul set free.
Kaleis Dreamkeeper power is to influence souls, normally to influence attitudes and behavior. Just like a psyker or mentalist. But now she uses her power to hold the soul of her sister. That weakens her and renders her nearly helpless. Grunn found her and set her captive, but not without being influenced. We all know that Grunn is more the type of softhead and easy to affect. And then, tadaa, her appearance on V3.

The idea of holding her sisters soul opens a plotgate to weaken or influence Lord Void in the future, by recovering, or more sad, redeeming Jenevivs soul.

What do you think of it? :)

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DanWithTheHat2/3/14 8:35pm
Wow, I really like that first theory. It brings up so many interesting possibilities.

If the Troika find out about this link she has with the sacrifice, could they use Kalei to control Lord Void and use him to help defeat the nightmares controlled by Nabonidus?

The one thing against this theory is that not even Scuttles seems too intent on trying to find Kalei again in what was shown in Vol 2 or Vol 3. You would think she would be target number one right now for the nightmares place of Mace if this was the case.

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TruthQuest2/4/14 12:11am
@Dan concerning end statement.

That would mean that Mace's power was possibly more important than the twins powers or their involvement. It could mean that his power out strips their own by a significant number. He could have a power similar to, but far stronger than, Nainso Ziska's Mental Manipulation, powerful enough that he might have trouble using it without causing a disaster.

He dose have insecurity issues of an unknown sort and speaking from personal ex. with insecurity, the one thing you want when your insecure is near absolute certainty that things will go EXACTLY the way you want them to.

... And what better way for that to happen than the obvious.

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Salahir2/4/14 6:12am
Two possibilities come to my mind:

First: Scuttles is suppressed by Nabonidus for his actions and collaboration with Lord Void. In addition, he's some kind of confused softhead. Maybe he isn't able to find Kalei this instant and Nabonidus has other plans.

Second: It is right in the plans of Scuttles, that Lord Void can't be controlled, because he wants his master with free will and action. The one that wants control, is Nabonidus, but he somewhat sees something more important in Mace. Perhaps Ravat is meant to find both Mace and Kalei, but with Mace as first priority.

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Wulfspyder2/6/14 5:34pm
Mace's power may be wanted specifically for its capacity to cause a large disaster, considering that Ravat didn't try to capture Mace but instead wanted Mace to become activated. Mace's power being activated in the middle of town, if it does have a disastrous effect, could possibly thrown Anduruna into disarray and give the Nightmares an easier time infiltrating more Darks or even "covert" Nightmare attacks during the panic. Or triggering Mace's activation could be considered the opening of a fullscale Nightmare attack.

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CalicoYorki2/8/14 3:33pm
Let's not wander off the subject of the thread, here. XD

Well, we've seen that Kalei seems readily able to manipulate Grunn.

It's entirely possible that hers and Jeneviv's Powers had nothing to do with their place in the ritual, but we can work from the only other example of twins we've seen.

Indigo. Their bond is so strong that they perhaps literally share their Power. We cannot ascertain whether, nor how this speaks to the situation of Kalei and Jeneviv, but perhaps we can draw conclusions from their appearance.

Indigo are so similar in appearance that they're easily confused - I believe a Behind the Scenes note once said only their mother can tell them apart with ease. Perhaps Igrath could tell the difference with his other senses, but that is neither here nor there. The point is, they're almost identical.

Kalei and Jeneviv, not so much. They're like...A palette-swapped game sprite. Perhaps this is meant to represent not only a greater divergence in personality, but more of a defined rift between their Powers.

They may, indeed, both be based on the same concept - i.e., perhaps "souls" - but manifesting in a different capacity.

But I may be rambling.

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Salahir2/9/14 4:01am
Good point, for example the contrary of empathy as a power and manipulation. Would reflect in their color pattern, too. With the new poster, Kalei much more looks like a psyker, able to manipulate with her mind. She also looks much more active there.
Maybe Jen will never come back and is lost. And now Kalei is bittered and ill-tempered, using her powers much more ruthless later in the story. The sweet corruption of revenge and hate.

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Wulfspyder2/9/14 3:23pm
Kalei has joined the dark side. She gets cookies.

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Prometheus2/27/14 6:41pm
Here's a thought. If Jeneviv was used to summon Void, what if Kalei must be sacrificed to put him back into slumber? Maybe Scuttles knew the extent of Kalei's Power and that's why he had both sister's caught. But, he also knew of the reversal effect should Kalei ever be killed in the sacrificial process. Maybe now he intends to have her killed so Nabonidus won't have second thoughts of pursuing Mace and killing her to put Void under for another few millenia.

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MobileCrusader2/27/14 6:47pm
I think it is safe to assume that the Twins are not normal dreamkeepers, and that their powers are unique. I assume that their existence has something to do with Nabonidus, and that Scuttle just used Jeneviv to throw Nabonidus's plans out of whack.

What if Nabonidus coudl have used Jeneviv to summon himself in case he died? thats what i am thinking. Scuttle just applied that to Lord Void.

As for Kalei, and maybe Mace/Whip, I think that they might have similar inter-dimensional powers.

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Trubbol3/18/14 12:23pm
Anyone else get the feeling that Tinsel caught them from the way they responded to seeing her thingy at the mall? For some reason that just makes some sense, cause she Tin's like that.

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MobileCrusader3/18/14 2:32pm
That page makes me think the twins were in hiding with guardians as parents, and the dark Dreamkeepers found them.

Very interesting thoughts are in the works of my brain now.

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Trubbol3/19/14 5:20pm
Or they are not allowed to see Tinsel because it is... Tinsel and clothes are likely to be optional.

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Salahir3/20/14 6:13am
After reading it anew, I found something desturbing here:

Is this a glimpse of her power? Her voice seems to be everywhere, so Steph is confused. And Kalei is talking some creepy stuff to Steph to give her future angst maybe. I'm pretty convinced now that Kalei is a Psyker.

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