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Subscribe to this thread The Twins, Kalei and Jeneviv created by Ice4smaster on February 9, 2013

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Gloves6/6/13 5:53pm
The Prelude is eventually going to connect with the GN series, I think.

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Tenebrae6/6/13 5:55pm
Actually, i forgot to mention something: where does it mention that Scinter knows about the kidnappings?
That is to say, unless I'm missing something obvious, I would question what Scinter and the Troika know about the kidnappings. They know, obviously, that something terrible occurred to the mystery girl, and that they need to keep her safe and hidden. But I didn't notice anywhere that Scinter or Vi knew who she (kalei) was. The only mention about this is.. Bill? saying he knows her from the tower (for obvious reasons, since we know who she is).
All I'm saying is, I didn't see any reason to ascertain that Scinter knew who the mystery girl actually was.
Did i miss something else? T.T

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MrAerospace6/6/13 9:10pm
No, there is no definitive link proving that Scinter knew who was kidnapped, but how many other "Tower Kidnappings" (which he mentions in conversation with Igrath V3 p26) do you think he could be referring to?
He may not know who they are, but it is a fairly solid assumption he means the Twins. I'm sure that if he actually focused on understanding what's going on with Kalei and the Guards, he'll put all the connections together in seconds flat, including the Bill Woods and Damon being Lilith and Namah's personal guards.

Gloves: It's about time someone noticed that Dossier! Now it's time to try to decipher what the hell it means.

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Tenebrae6/7/13 7:03am
Thanks! When I had first read that, I hadn't read the Prelude comics yet, so I'd assumed that it was referring to Tinsel's attack on the sisters... which in hindsight makes no sense, since she was trying to kill them, not kidnap them.

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Tenebrae6/10/13 11:15am
Just started reading volume 1 again, and i found something..... Page 28, (on the iTunes version), top panel, showing Mace and Whip walking through town, I think I see Kalei - just behind Mace, a bit in the background.
This is the page on the online version. There's also Ravat, same panel.
More interesting is Kalei though, wow!

This would mean that Kalei most likely escaped the Nightmares around the same time Jeneviv was sacrificed. It also means that Kalei was not in Grunn's "care" for very long.

EDIT: Mr Peaks is here too! Jeez, it's kinda curious, isn't it? I'm half expecting to see Wisp and Nabonidus on this page now.

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MrAerospace6/10/13 5:22pm
Tenebrae, you missed one of the Indigo's too. If there's an Indigo around, it makes you wonder who's chasing who in that image. Any bets?

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Wulfspyder6/10/13 6:39pm
I'm betting that Ravat just happened to be in the vicinity and was leering at the Indigo's backside, since in the next crowd shot where we see the Indigo again, Ravat is no where to be seen. Whether Ravat was actively on the prowl for Kalei or not is questionable, but if he was then Kalei was saved by twin-tushy.

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Animefan186/10/13 9:44pm
so let me get this straight, the girl in with dark gray/light gray color pattern was one of the indigo twins ?

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DanWithTheHat6/11/13 8:00am
Dave states in the commentary that it is one of the indigo twins. The way Dave draws the Indigo twins has improved drastically since then.

Back on topic, I am sure Volume 4 will give more incite into why Kalei was running way in that scene and who from the Troika was trying to track her down. While Grunn ended up with her, I doubt he was to one to originally find her.

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Tenebrae6/11/13 9:21am
Ah, that explains it... I understand the fur pattern, but the facial structure didn't seem like Indi or Digo at all. This one's face is too flat, you know?
Still, just makes the page that much funnier.
And yeah, here's hoping we'll get some answers(and more questions!) in V4

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Roan6/20/13 1:09pm
Wow. I actually never noticed that before. In Vol 1, the Indigo's look nothing like they do now. I almost thought it was just a regular DK, not one of the Indigo's.But, then again, when I noticed the double ears, I knew it was an Indigo.

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ezioauditore976/21/13 5:49am
Well there they were still getting formulated as characters so their design was still getting formed.

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Wulfspyder7/10/13 12:04pm
But they shall forever have ears within their ears so that they can hear things they hear things? ....That was silly.

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CalicoYorki12/3/13 2:00pm
I would like to speak to a certain thingy referenced by my esteemed fellow Forum-goer, Aerospace.

I think that Cuddles' whereabouts will -have- to be referenced in Vol. 4, because Namah leaves Lilith with his pet carrier so as to deliver him to Kalei and Jeneviv, and when she's next seen on the set of Boore's Sensationalist Mud Hole or whatever it's called, Namah instead has a number of files. Let's not be so quick to jump to the conclusion of a plot hole when we're only three Volumes into this series, and when we don't even know how long the duration will be.

The state of Cuddles in Vol. 4 could actually be what alerts Lilith and Namah to a disturbing lack of Tower Twins. I just want to say: it's very likely -not- a plot hole, but an intentional plot depth charge, if you will, intended to detonate into the story and blow our minds out of the seas of fandom once again in the next Volume, if we wish to really torture this metaphor.

(that cracked-out farmer notwithstanding, I think I missed something there)

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Wulfspyder12/4/13 8:06pm
I think Cuddles just warp gated his way to where Kalei currently is. Leaving all of Troika wondering where the hell a plant-neko came from.

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