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Subscribe to this thread The Twins, Kalei and Jeneviv created by Ice4smaster on February 9, 2013

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Ice4smaster2/9/13 2:18pm
A thread for the Twins, they deserve one here as well. Both Prelude and Novels ( well yes, GN is only Kalei )

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CalvinCopyright2/9/13 4:09pm
And this is the first thread in the forum... Is there any Kalei in Vol 3?

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Tricky2/9/13 4:20pm
Fortunately, yes! I don't want to spoil anything, but she makes a minor appearance.

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Ice4smaster2/10/13 1:34am
Yes she is hehe, and there be other characters too, i just not wanna make all the topic haha XD

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ezioauditore972/10/13 5:19pm
Thanks for not spoiling it!Why did I have to discover this right after Vol.3 preorders closed!Now I have to wait for them to be available to everyone!

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Roan2/14/13 7:58pm
Ezio, don't feel bad. I don't have a copy of my own yet, but one of close friends does, so yes. I've read it. Out of all of them, I think V3 is my favorite one so far.

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Gloves2/14/13 8:11pm
V3 is amazing.

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Roan2/15/13 11:03am
I agree Gloves. Completely agree.

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Thegunner182/15/13 11:32am
I just bought the online version of it on graphicly, but the view mode on that site isn't working, so it's pretty damn difficult to read some of the writing. Hopefully the guys at graphicly will be able to fix that ASAP.

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CalicoYorki4/11/13 3:44pm
Okay, Jeneviv was killed to summon Lord Void. Glowey blue aura.

Kalei is in a trance, and Grunn seems to keep getting dazed easily when she's nearby.

Okay, here's my theory, hear me out.

Jeneviv's Power was to open trans-universal pathways...Kalei's Power is to influence thought.

In theory, if Nabonidus is an old hand at using Dark Dreamkeepers, then he must know how to force their Powers to awaken, and how to enhance them. It would take a huge enhancement for Jeneviv to be able to break through -that kind- of divide...

...Now, if this is indeed true, -what purpose- could Nabonidus have for spanning a dimensional divide, and controlling minds?

My theory is that he intended to bring Void into this world, and then -take control of him.-

So, basically, he needed to take the risk of making two dreamkeepers impossibly powerful, then kill them before they could take control and fight back.

Problem is, Scuttler is actually -very very good-, and only completed the -risky- part of the plan: bringing back Void. He then let Kalei -go-, so that Nabonidus would not have his chance to take control of Void.

Now, Kalei's Power activates - glowey aura - and takes control of her body, at will, to preserve her life. Proactive defense of its user. Powers are like a naturally-evolved self defense mechanism against a predator that is basically an animal's archnemesis.

So, if a Power is acting consciously, its first and only goal is to protect the life of its user, and that which is precious to them.


:D ?

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Tenebrae6/5/13 4:50pm
And sorry in advance if i shouldv'e created a new thread or done this in a different section, it's my first post here :/

I have a question regarding the twins...
Bear in mind, I read the novels (including 3), then the prelude.
Now, we see that Jeneviv was sacrificed to summon Void, at the very beginning of Volume 1.
Then, we learn that Kalei had been kidnapped as well, and somehow escaped (i'm guessing with the Scuttler's help) to... Grunn of all people.
Now, my question is this: Lilith believes that her twin friends are still happy, alive, and in the Sabbaton. If you'll recall, she wanted Cuddles/Vincent to stay with them while they prepared to escape the Sabbaton during volume 3.

How did she not know they weren't there? Has someone been acting as imposters for them? It seems like a plothole, though I'm sure there's a reason behind it we just aren't aware of....

Any theories?

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MrAerospace6/6/13 4:20pm
Hell Yes.

It's good that you're asking questions, and you're on the right track, but what you should really be asking is "How come Scinter seems to know about the kidnappings but Lilith doesn't?"

Ok, lets start by addressing Lilith's case. How does she not notice her friends are missing? Now if she were in close contact with the twins, one would suspect that her suspicion would be raised fairly quickly due to the loss of communication, however V1 begins on the eve of the new school year. So even if Lilith stopped communicating with the Twins before V1 starts, it would have been during a (school) holiday period and would probably not raise an alarm.

Secondly, Lilith tends to keep current with the news, so how come she hasn't heard about any kidnappings, especially of her friends? Well, we know that the press is just a teeny weeny bit lax. In fact, given the brilliant investigative reporting we've seen so far from both Boore and the regular news team, it's not much of a leap to believe that Anduruna's media are hand fed their stories. Now, Kalei and Jen went to the same school as Lilith, which means that their parents hold a fairly prestigious position in Anduruna. So the fact that there has been no news at all about what would be considered a very high profile kidnapping case, should be setting off alarm bells in us readers.

Moving on to Scinter, we know that despite there not being any news about it, he is none-the-less current on the kidnappings. So, if there's no news, then how does he get his info? The "Tower Enforcement Bandwidth" is how. He is eavesdropping on the Sabbaton police, so if he knows about it, then its because the cops know about it. Yet the news is not reporting it. The logical conclusion is that there's a fairly large scale suppression of information going on.

The plothole doesn't occur because Lilith doesn't know, it happens when Namah's attempt to drop Vincent off was not addressed at all. It may not have been necessary to add the scenes in, but V3 needed to have some allusion to it occuring, even in passing.

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Kobalt956/6/13 5:02pm

I think I might have an idea as to why Kalei and Jeneviv's kidnapping wasn't covered by the news... maybe the media is also controlled by the Dark Dreamkeepers in some way shape or form? Possibly? I mean the government basically is, so why not the media? And if that's the case, then they wouldn't want to draw attention to a detail that might endanger their operations. Couple that with the possibility you brought up about there not being any communication between them for months on end due to there not being any school and it starts to make sense. I really think you hit the nail on the head with the "Suppression of Information" scheme.

If that is correct, then this is what we have. Media controlled by the government, which is in turn indirectly controlled by the Dark Dreamkeeper/Nightmare agenda (Tinsel). They won't talk about the kidnappings because they themselves pulled it off, and they wouldn't want to draw attention to it. That's why only the "Tower Enforcement Bandwidth" would know about it and in turn do nothing about it- because they have orders to not do so.


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Gloves6/6/13 5:21pm
I wold totally believe that there is some kind of Dark in a high level of control--other than Tinsel, I mean. Someone who's actually influencing decisions.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who's noticed or not, but on the page of V3 with O'Naicul's "Confidential dossier" (in the back, past the actual story with the extra information), you can see the bottom of a page underneath it--under the "Directive" column, you can catch "history with ---ves as an excellent cover for this operation. Delete files from mainframe databases and maximise the confidentiality level. Strike name from documents." (The --- indication a place where the page above had covered part of a word--I'm pretty sure the word is "serves", but don't know for certain.) And then under "Connections of note", "Tinsel, Multiple ---graphers and media personnel." (Again, can't see word, but it seems to be photographers.)

And given that the media wasn't covering it, we can't be sure Lilith knew--we don't know how close of contact she's been keeping with the twins, and if the government is penetrated as deeply as it seems to be, it's entirely possible that their parents think they're at some kind of government-hosted private school. If I were a Dark trying to kidnap them, holding that much influence, that's EXACTLY what I'd do.

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Tenebrae6/6/13 5:50pm
Nice theories! And yeah, they seem pretty probable. It felt stranger to me, because it seemed that there had been a large time gap between kidnap>>volume 3.
I keep forgetting that from volume 1 to 3 doesn't actually take much time in the Dreamkeepers' universe.

Btw, does anyone know how much time passes between prelude comics and volume 1? I realize that the prelude's still going...

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