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Subscribe to this thread SHE MADE IT!!! created by TruthQuest on July 12, 2014

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TruthQuest7/12/14 4:00pm
Tally that little dinosaur, the K-event couldn't stop her ancestors, a little apartment burning ain't gonna stop HER!


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zagura7/12/14 6:18pm

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MobileCrusader7/13/14 4:14am
Yea, I heard she was alright in the live chat. Amazing.

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Prometheus7/13/14 3:40pm
The fact she was still in their home just hanging out is incredible. Good for her for pulling through. ^^

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MobileCrusader7/13/14 7:22pm
She's just like "ain't no thang." "Hardly noticed you were gone." "There was a fire?"

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Asora7/15/14 10:30am
It is just simply incredible that Tally live through all that. Surviving in extremely hot temperatures, thick smoke, and debery. Going through that hell, she only had some dirt and smears on her and thats it. Props to her.

But there's one thing I don't get. Now, I don't know that much about alligators, so please don't blame on me or anything but, HOW THE HELL DID SHE SURVIVE?

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MobileCrusader7/15/14 12:02pm
By simply ignoring it, I guess.

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Tango7/16/14 2:38pm
My current theories to her survival are as follows
1) Plain luck. could be that she simply found a place that wasn't as engulfed in flame.
2) Water shelter. she could have taken cover in the water that I assume was left for her.
3) Glared at it. she is the queen of destruction after all.

My question though is that after everything is settled back down will they be able to take her back or will she be stuck at the sanctuary glaring at the visitors.

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MobileCrusader7/16/14 5:15pm
If she has no injuries, and there's no extemporaneous circumstances, I see no reason why she couldn't come back.

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ezioauditore977/16/14 5:21pm
Shows just how awesome she is.Shame about Cosmo and all of their belongings though but,at least they have this consolation.

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MobileCrusader7/16/14 5:41pm
Something is better than nothing.

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Prometheus7/16/14 5:46pm
Funny how the newcomer perishes while the old timer survives. XD Well, it's actually not funny, but it's kind of ironic.

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Korangar7/16/14 7:20pm
Rise from the ash

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wildcard7/16/14 7:54pm
Her survival is a little too miraculous.....I think we have our suspect.

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MobileCrusader7/17/14 3:42am
She is zombie tally, and she will henceforth be known as the plauge mother.

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