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Subscribe to this thread The Mysterious White-Eyed Orphan created by Asora on July 2, 2014

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FoxPhantom7/7/14 8:32pm
Woah wtf. I have the physical copy and I never realized that.
That is really creepy now. So it's possible Nabonidus can also shift aside from giving someone the worst thing unimaginable?

that or is it possible that this is another dreamkeeper that already went dark.

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Prometheus7/7/14 8:35pm
I'm fairly certain that's Nabonidus, but it could also be another Dark. And, if it's as young as it appears, then that shouldn't come as a surprise. Randy already turned and he's just a weak little punk.

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MobileCrusader7/8/14 4:13am
Randy is a power hungry idiot that's been wooed by shiny baubles and "sure kid" s.

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WiseOwlReader7/8/14 6:50pm
Randy is the Joffery Baratheon of the Dreamworld. By the way, Dave and Liz agree.

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GodofVelcro7/9/14 8:20am
Nabonidus doesn't really strike me as the one to do things himself, more like send his minions to do the dirty work. Kind of strange that he would be at the orphanage, unless that was somehow more important than whatever he was doing.

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Asora7/15/14 1:31pm
Yea, you do have a point there GodofVelcro. But this other thought I had in mind brings it to another problem. Should have included this in my first post, but eh, what the heck.

It's just that, well, how did Nabonidus know about the murder of Paige? Think about it. The only key people who absoutlutly knew what happened to Paige where Wisp, Randy, Ravat, and Tinsel. Maybe Mace, but he only found out what happened to Paige after a few minutes after her death, and was informed by Ravat that he was the one who killed Paige, but he could be lying, due to the evidence shown in V1.

Tinsel and Ravat where trying to keep it a secret from Nabonidus about what happened, and Wisp and Tinsel had a conversation in the beginning in V2 that if Nabonidus found out what happened, Wisp would get in serious trouble. This should indicate that there would be no way of Nabonidus finding out about the incident during that night. But somehow, he knew what happened.

There are only two ways Nabonidus knew about what happened.

1.) He could have sent a scout or an observer disguised as a dreamkeeper to see if anything went according to his plan. This would explain why the mysterious dreamkeeper (AKA Steve) was there.

2.) Nabonidus wanted to see for himself if everything went according to plan and decided to be disguised as a dreamkeeper himself.

That the way I see it, in theory. What do you guys think?

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MobileCrusader7/16/14 5:28pm
I think it's reasonably sound, at least it makes sense. I guess we will see when the time comes.

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Prometheus7/16/14 5:57pm
It would make sense that Tinsel would sabotage Wisp's plan and not have anticipated Nabonidus to be there to witness it. That's why she was so confident that Wisp would take the fall; she didn't suspect that Nabonidus would know the truth.

I agree with your theories, Asora. Either one is equally plausible.

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DanWithTheHat7/21/14 8:08pm
Dave has been tight lipped about who that guy is. Not even a clue has been given so far. That makes me think he has to be somewhat important to future events. My favorite theory so far is that it is Nabonidus. We already know he can project a hand; maybe he can project a whole DK?

I actually don't think he is even visible to the other orphans. You think after someone was murdered, a new guy would stick out like a sore thumb yet no one reacts to a skunk looking guy, who was never shown before in the orphanage, checking out the murder scene.

BTW Steve is a great name for him. A super normal name is perfect for a mysterious guy like him. :)

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PotatoFox8/27/14 1:35pm
At OP's request this thread has been moved
From: Forum - DK Lounge - Story Discussion
To: Forum - DK Lounge - Characters
This was approved due to "Characters" being deemed more appropriate for thread subject

Wow, doesn't that sound official!

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Xeverusmiller8/27/14 5:37pm
I was thinking "Flail" for the orphan... Cuz... You know... Mace? And Flail? *hides*

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Asora8/27/14 6:21pm

Eh, no. XD

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Xeverusmiller8/27/14 10:42pm
Not to mention we already have Whip, so yeah! Mace, Whip, and Flail xDD

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MobileCrusader8/29/14 11:39am
Do you think it could be Arazu? Maybe he has some sort of shape shifting ability. He could be working under Nabonidus now. we have no idea.

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Asora8/29/14 5:42pm


Mobile, you sir, you, have not only blew my fucking mind, but also have earned 4 internets! FUCKING GENIUS!

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