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Asora7/2/14 3:46pm
I'm actually new here, so I am interested to post a thread, so here!

In the first volume of DK, where Mace and Whip escape from the orphanage after being accused by Randy for Paige's death, the "camera" should I say, zooms into one orphan that we never seen before. He appears be a skunk/beaver type person with no shirt and has only shorts. The reason why I am so interested is because for two reasons.

1.)He only appears in that scene only. We never see him in the prelude, the books, or the commissions.

2.)He has a pair of white eyes that have no pupils what so ever! It almost resembles like Nabonidus.

My theory is that it could be Nabonidus in disguise. Think about it, the white beady eyes, the short and mysterious appearance, the fact that Nabonidus has multiple powers. What do you guys think?

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Prometheus7/2/14 4:09pm
Hey, welcome to the forum! :)

Yeah, that was pretty much my very first assumption when I saw that dreamkeeper. The fact that they just give the character a close-up was practically screaming that the character is there for a reason. Whether that was really Nabonidus, though, remains to be seen. There's still a ton of stuff we don't know yet and we probably haven't even seen a fraction of the books' supporting cast. There's no telling who could be working for who that's a shapeshifter. Nabonidus is a quick and easy guess behind the mystery orphan, but we'll just have to wait and see if that really is him.

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PotatoFox7/3/14 7:03am
Hello Asora (User 305)
Welcome to our forum of many wonderful and strange things. We hope you enjoy your experience here and other official sounding drivel. It is recommended that you read the forum rules (bottom right) though they are fairly generic such as "Don't be a jerk" (an actual rule). There is a live chat every week at GMT+/-0 2AM Friday, which in 'Murica, is about 9pm Thursday though do check your timezone accordingly. Mr. Dave should be there, though please note that he is attending Anthrocon at present (as are many other forum users) so I don't know if he, or indeed anyone, will be online tonight.
I've done your job again Mobile! In the wrong channel! I AM EVIL! MWUAHAHA!

With regards to the orphan, it is very much speculated as to his/her/its relevance but Mr. Dave keeps his secrets very well thanks to a contraption known as the "plot vawlt". Many times we have tried to break into the vault, but to no avail.

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joeden7/3/14 8:01am
Yup that's nabberdoodle for sure he gives off that vibe and i wouldn't put it past Nabby to go and check up on his pawns and keep an eye on his prize.

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Asora7/3/14 12:40pm
Thank you Prometheus and Potato Fox for the info. I do know the terms and regulations for the DK forum (including the "Don't be a jerk" rule). Do to the fact that I have limited resources for keeping up with the forum, (like not having internet at my apt., my family having trouble with money, my laptop screwed up, etc.) I am forced to use my old folks laptop for a while. I'm not sure how long I'm going to use it for the forums, but I'll try my best to keep up-to-date with the others. But when I have a chance to get my new laptop, and new supplies for high school for performance arts (art, graphics, animation, etc.) I might be able to custimize more of my profile and make new threads and comments. But until then, I'm stuck with this.

Sorry for being off topic, BACK TO THE THREAD MY COMRADES!

I agree with Prometheus, its like David (no offense or anything) just slapped it there to get the readers attention for a brief moment. Its like one of those old cliches in movies where the camera zooms in or focuses on a character or being thats going to be important later in the story, but somehow ruins it for the viewers.

I kinda've wish that David made that moment a little bit more like the scene in volume 2 where Nazio (hope I spelled it right) makes a brief cameo while the Indango sisters (hope I spelled that right also) distract the shocktroopers and the crowd while Igrath and the others make there escape. Its like a little easter egg that gives a hint to the reader that Nazio might make a reference or a mention to that scene in the book.

But at the same time, I sort of respect the decision David made. If he didn't make the call, chances are we readers wouldn't be worried about that mysterious orphan. What do you guys think?

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Prometheus7/3/14 2:04pm
Agreed. I wouldn't have thought about it too much if they hadn't had put so much emphasis on that one orphan. Nainso (correct spelling XD), though, I never noticed in that crowd scene until people started talking about it a few months ago. I guess since it was the first volume, the Lillie's didn't want people to be scratching their heads too much.

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Asora7/3/14 2:30pm
Once again Prometheus, I agree to that. It is sort of excusible for the Lillie's to put that moment in scene there, since it was there first novel/volume of the series, and that stuff like this does happen to people starting new stuff. And some writers who plan book series's and other stuff might use cliches from films and other books into there work. Its trail and error. But I wished they worked more on the suspense on Nabonidus and gave us more information about him instead of just mentioning him in a conversation in the beginning of the book. Not too much, but enough to wonder more about him and scare the living crap out of us of the raw power and intelligence he has. I hope volume 4 gives us more answers.

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PotatoFox7/3/14 2:34pm
Volume one is full of foreshadowing. I refer in case to page 26
There are at least 4 major characters (though unlikely any more) thus far identified in the first frame that have not yet been introduced to the reader
If the mysterious orphan, whom I shall now call Steve, is relevant, and how, will be revealed at some point in the future. Possibly V4, possibly later. As I mentioned, Mr. Dave likes his plot vault.

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Asora7/3/14 3:07pm
Steve.....that is the greatest name I have ever heard for a mysterious character in my life. You sir earn two internets.

And as for the 4 major characters, since I have a key eye for small details, I already knew who they where (exept Mace, cause we all know who Mace is to begin with) after some time I had the book. I might post a thread of each for Ravat, Kalei, and Mr. Nibbs (I think thats his name) in the near future.

Right now I ran out of stuff to say for this thread, so yeah........

(akward silence)


I hope others continue this thread and have any ideas for the topic.

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Prometheus7/3/14 4:50pm
Ravat and Kalei already have a thread in Characters. Mr. Nibbs can have a thread, but I don't think there's much to talk about with him. It's up to you. :)

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ZycantAlpha7/3/14 5:29pm
Yeah, I think we'll need to wait until Prelude updates more to really start discussing Nibbs.

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Asora7/4/14 11:05am
Oh, I see. I don't want this thread to go off topic again or anything but, I did read the Ravat and Kalei threads, but they somehow didn't show the questions, theories, or ideas I was expecting. So I might post a thread of my own mainly about Ravat if he lied to Mace about the death of Paige. I think "LOOKIT THIS!" might be a good place to post it.

Sorry about that. Back to the thread!

As for the "Mysterious Dreamkeeper" or "Steve" (should we call him from now on), I just hope volume 4 will give us at least a few clues for Steve. If anyone has any ideas for Steve, feel free to post a comment.

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Prometheus7/4/14 4:37pm
There will be more orphanage scenes in V4, so we may get a chance to see Steve again (I like that name XD).

Oh, if you want to, you can bring up Ravat lying to Mace in the Ravat thread in Characters. No need to make new threads for just one event that a character is involved with. Ya dig? :)

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Asora7/4/14 4:55pm
Yeah, I dig. Might take a while for me to get used to the DK Forums. Thanks Bro!

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MobileCrusader7/6/14 6:38pm
Nabonidus has always given me the vibe that he watches over everything. Shape shifting or deception is definitely his style.

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