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Subscribe to this thread Music created by JudasScorpioDeMazier on July 1, 2014

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Havoc7/18/15 8:44pm
Time for some powerwolf two songs from blessed and processed album

this cover is one of my favorites

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Jawson7/21/15 11:39pm
Still listen to this...

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origamifan9/21/15 4:37pm
Here's some nice symphonic death power whatever metal.

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Javelin9/24/15 8:39pm

Berserk - Murder (OST)

Javelin is buried by a dread of becoming the very thing he sought to destroy by slaughtering teenagers who are dark dream keepers not realizing that they still have a choice and law enforcers good or evil with an uncoordinated moral compass thinking he will make his team mates and Troika proud and now only Valkyrie the love of his life and with the help of Lt Viriathus can talk Javelin out of his senseless rampage and bring him to his senses or they will have to find him and gun him down.

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Lycanphoenix9/26/15 10:10am
Wolfgun, anyone?

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Javelin9/27/15 7:36pm
ill check it out later once my ipod 4g (out dated garbage) charges up so i dont have to use ps3 web search (super out dated garbage)

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Lycanphoenix9/30/15 6:11pm
One of my favorite hobbies is to take a song that I frequently listen to and try to match the lyrics to the story of whatever I am currently interested in.

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Kirito9/30/15 6:23pm

I absolutely love using music to inspire me; I do that a lot with my art!

I'm currently listening to pop and punk rock, my two weaknesses.

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Javelin9/30/15 9:15pm
Lycan you have a nice taste in Techno

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Javelin9/30/15 9:19pm

I like some good old rolling stone songs - Painted black

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Lycanphoenix9/30/15 10:39pm
Wolfgun's music is not Techno, it's Experimental Drum and Bass.
Different types of electronic music have very distinctive sounds, and Techno was much more prominent in the 1990's and early 2000's than it is today.

For the song "Vision", I like to imagine some kind of seer or Oracle or something, or maybe a Dreamkeeper whose power is some form of Remote Observation/Communication, such as Astral Projection.

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Javelin10/1/15 5:08am
Oh my bad

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Thegunner1810/1/15 2:42pm
Cannot stop listening to this:

And watching him get so into it when playing is amazing in its own right.

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Lycanphoenix10/2/15 10:22am
That's a pretty awesome song.

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dyingdutchman11/5/15 8:24am
how has this thread managed to not include or mention Primus anywhere

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