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Subscribe to this thread Music created by JudasScorpioDeMazier on July 1, 2014

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/1/14 2:48pm
Since I'm very obsessive over music, I couldn't help but make a thread here for discussing such things :D

So I was curious what kind of music you like listening to. I tend to listen to mostly metal, electronic, and 90's pop. Especially most recently I've started really getting into Aphex Twin.

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Salahir7/1/14 4:13pm
Very different, cause I'm hearing what the ears like. Mostly Handsup and Dance, power-, rock- and viking metal, medieval, ballades, classical music, musical music, film music...okay, long list :3 Even some rap music is part of it, but most german rap.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/2/14 2:44pm
I sometimes listen to Viking metal too... just don't really know the names of the bands that are that kind of metal XD I tend to like more industrial/cyber/groove metal, and sometimes oldschool grindcore.

Since this year I've discovered frenchcore and terrorcore, and I'm still blown away such heavy electronic music exists.

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CoSinus7/3/14 8:06am
Actually I´d just quote Salahir : Very different, cause I'm hearing what the ears like.

To specify that a little bit : Rock, Metal, DnB ,Techno ,Electro , sometimes Dubstep, Soundtracks of Movies and Games.
Got a Playlist on Youtube so you can get an overview of what I like (if you want to) :

Any questions ? :D

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/3/14 8:27am
Already props for The Prodigy, Asian Dub Foundation and Static-X, but most definitely the last one. :D

Also, Judging from what you listen to, you ever listen to Rabbit Junk?

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CoSinus7/3/14 12:10pm
Static-X rockx :D
Never heard of Rabbit Junk before, but after listening to the first couple of songs I knew they´re not made for my ears X)
I´d say Korn is the limit ^^

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/3/14 12:41pm
haha funny thing about that band, they can go from black metal/hip-hop stuff to poppy electro music. I thought that you would be interested in songs like this

Also I'm going to see Korn later this month ^^ Super excited about that

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Salahir7/3/14 4:20pm
Viking metal bands? Easy that. Just search for Ensiferum, Iron Fire or Leaves Eyes.

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Prometheus7/3/14 4:54pm
I listen to a lot of classic and alternative rock. I'm not so much of a geek that I know all the types of rock, so I just refer to 21st century rock as 'alternative'.

But, I also just listen to stuff on Youtube that spikes my interest; from game and movie OST's to instrumentals and melodies.

Take this little gem that I found just a few minutes ago:

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MobileCrusader7/4/14 6:45am
Lots of electronic. I listen to the Gorillaz and the Strokes more than any other band, though. Can't get enough.

Damon Albarn's voice is a godsend.

My musical guilty pleasure is Owl City. He's actually a decent songwriter when he wants to be.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/4/14 8:31am
I haven't listened to much Gorillaz in some time, but I really like Blur. I should probably get some of their cd's or vinyl to put in my collection. Speaking of which, anyone else here collect vinyl?

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CoSinus7/4/14 8:44am
Scorpio, have tons of fun with Korn ! ^-^

Ensiferum is great, live they´re even greater ^^
Anyone know if they´re in on Wacken 2015 ? Couldn´t find a confirmed List up to now, but going to get there with some colleagues from work :D
Ensiferum ,Wacken 2008 :

I´m recently listening to In Flames and Demon Hunter at work,makes time fly by faster :D

Movie OST and Instrumental ? My first guess : Two Steps from Hell ! X)

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Salahir7/4/14 3:04pm
Two Steps From Hell are amazing :D

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/5/14 9:39am
I don't know, but they're part of the Mayhem festival with Asking Alexandria and others :D

I remember back in middle school I obsessed over AA.

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Salahir7/6/14 7:29am
My girlfriend and I love things like Ensiferum or Iron Fire...or Sabaton :3 I'm the only one that hears HandsUp. Just coming from a Rave last night xD She would dance with me, but she doesn't like the music style. Our music fills a full 16 GB USB stick for the car...and we needed to reduce the tracklist a bit :P A bit means tons of GB oO

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