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Subscribe to this thread Tendril created by Prometheus on June 14, 2014

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BryanDimmsdale11/27/14 7:14pm
XD, now I imagine him doing and rapping like this, hahaha:

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Asora11/27/14 7:19pm
*looks at video*

Mother of the Sweet Lord Jesus all makes sense.......IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!!!!!!!!

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BryanDimmsdale11/27/14 7:23pm
Lillith: Please kill me... X(

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Asora11/27/14 7:26pm
Tendril: OKAY THEN!

Lilith: No, no, no, WAI-

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SuperTurbo411/28/14 1:02am
Tendril immediately gets destroyed by Bast, Namah, and Mace.

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Asora11/28/14 5:36am

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MobileCrusader11/28/14 12:08pm
Imagine if Tendril does end Lilith, though.

By that point, I assume he would be mad with bloodlust, having dedicated himself to revenge. How do you think he would cope?

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DanWithTheHat11/28/14 12:16pm
I don't know if Tendril would stay around to even fight Bast, Mace, and Namah. His job was to kill Lilith, he probably would run away and retreat. Unless he can still animate a huge skeleton like in that now non-cannon minicomic, he is not built for direct combat.

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Asora11/28/14 12:20pm
If Tendril lays his eyes on Lilith again, he's gonna go ballistic. I bet that in his mind, if he sees one of Lilith's friends or anyone that she knows of, he would tell them something similar to these things.....


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MobileCrusader11/28/14 1:27pm
Psychotic Tendril will make an appearance, I'd bet money on it. A Tendril so far gone, consumed by revenge and hate that he can only scream "Lilith!"

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Asora11/28/14 2:13pm
I has just created a threat rant made by Tendril while he is speaking on the phone with Lilith. Who wants to read it?

NOTE: It contains lots of explicit material and language. Please, viewer discretion is advised.

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Asora11/28/14 3:17pm
Tendril: I thought you were pretty even with your glasses

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PotatoFox11/28/14 3:46pm
As I deemed the last post to be inappropriate, I have done some adjustments.

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Asora11/28/14 3:47pm
Goddammit PotatoFox! We shall end this once and for all with a-

*pause for effect*


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MobileCrusader11/29/14 7:21am
that edit tho

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