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Subscribe to this thread Tendril created by Prometheus on June 14, 2014

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ZycantAlpha7/27/14 8:14am
...I'm not sure that says good things about Calah, not that there are many good things to say about him anyway.


I could see him getting some kind of armor if Nightmares can wear it. If they can, he'd probably spring for something protecting the face as the main aspect. Though, I think 'Tendril's Demise' was considered non-canon because of Bast's power being...well...overpowered.

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Prometheus7/27/14 6:17pm
Yeah, I see your point. I was going to counter your overpower claim by saying Bast had already used his power in V3 and thus would have mastered it by V7, but I remember one of the gang members saying how Bast 'almost' used it. I guess this could mean Bast knows how to summon it, but not how to use its full strength.

So, I guess we won't be seeing Tendril in that bony armor of his from T.D. It would be funny if he does have some weird face guard for his next encounter with Lilith.

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SuperTurbo48/6/14 11:00am
It would, indeed.

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Kobalt959/26/14 6:56pm
I love the redesigned post- T.D. Tendril. He's more unique this way. I hope his old, badass armor gets a cameo though- or maybe even an overhaul in the future. It could be brought back, just in a different way.

But I saw some swatches for Tendril that Kiaran used in his presentation thingy, and he looked awesome in those. It looks as if he still has larger, more aggressive stances even after his redesign.

I don't have the file for it, though.

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DanWithTheHat9/28/14 4:41pm
By the way he "took control" of Mr. Peaks by making him into a living puppet, I think he would still be able to take control of a suit of armor or an old skeleton of a huge beast post redesign.

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ezioauditore9710/8/14 3:25pm
Yep,he'd look so creepy in a few different armor designs so maybe Dave's going to have/has had some fun designing that :)

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BryanDimmsdale10/8/14 5:21pm
I believe Tendril has a more spy role than more of a big heavy nightmare for me.

On the side note, Lillith is very very lucky to escape that fate, otherwise it ain't going to be pretty.

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ZycantAlpha10/9/14 7:39am
That would be pretty amazing. It'd be horrifying, but it'd be amazing.

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TruthQuest10/9/14 12:23pm
Personally, I consider Tendril to be inept. He was suppose to kill her quickly, not play with her like toy.

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Prometheus10/9/14 12:44pm
Well, I'm sure Nab knew that Tendril would take his time with his targets. I guess he doesn't have many Nightmares left when he assigned Tendril since they all went back to serve Void. So, he has to make do with what he has. At least, Tendril seems to be effective at what he does. Would've been... educational to see how he killed Mr. Peaks.

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SuperTurbo410/11/14 6:46am
Seriously? You WANT to see HOW he killed Mr. Peaks? I, for one, would rather not.

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DanWithTheHat10/11/14 9:12am
I'm with SuperTurbo4 om this, I would rather not see Mr. Peaks get gutted like a Thanksgiving turkey. However he killed him, it was probably quick and silent as to not alert Lilith. I'm guessing he Snuck up from behind and snapped his neck Sam Fisher style before "entering" his body.

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ezioauditore9710/11/14 3:22pm
Yeah,even if you're a powerful nightmare you'd probably want to save the drawn out death with screaming for the last person if you didn't want everybody else to escape so I'm sure Peaks went out swiftly and silently like Dan said.

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Asora10/11/14 7:45pm
Only Tendril and the Spirits know how it all went down.

R.I.P Mr. Peaks, you will be missed.

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BryanDimmsdale10/13/14 4:49pm
That reminds me, who wants to dress up as Tendril who dressed up as Mr. Peaks in this Halloween?

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