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Subscribe to this thread Tendril created by Prometheus on June 14, 2014

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MobileCrusader7/22/14 2:23pm
Learn ventriloquism and throw voice while playing harmonica.

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BryanDimmsdale7/23/14 8:02am
Can he do haiku though? Haiku is a type of poetry.

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Prometheus7/23/14 11:37am
I'm sure he can do all types of poetry, but I think he'd rather stick with the typical rhymes.

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DanWithTheHat7/23/14 6:20pm
Tendril doesn't know use his poetry to its maximum potential. He should join the nightmare rap scene and throw down his sick rhymes there. XD

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MobileCrusader7/23/14 7:57pm
Get a few sandmen to throw down a beat, battle freestyle with Lilith.

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Prometheus7/24/14 10:55am
Oh... my... God. Would somebody PLEASE get Dave to draw this at one of the conventions? PLEASE!

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ezioauditore977/24/14 12:24pm
That would actually be entertaining to see without a doubt.Not a bad idea at all...

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MobileCrusader7/24/14 5:18pm
Personally, I would like to see tendril with a sideways baseball hat on. For added effect.

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DanWithTheHat7/24/14 8:35pm
If I go to Anthrocon next year and no one beats me to it, I'll definitely commission this. XD

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Koreth7/25/14 11:30am
If you did, could you post it for others to see?

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DanWithTheHat7/25/14 12:03pm
Of course! :)

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ezioauditore977/25/14 1:45pm

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MobileCrusader7/26/14 9:28pm
We still need top hat Namah too.

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GodofVelcro7/26/14 10:18pm
Is someone making a list of these? If not, I can.
So far, that I know of, (on this page), Top Hat Namah and Rapping Tendril?

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Prometheus7/27/14 7:23am
I think that's all of them, so far.

Now, all we need is Rock Star Vis. Calah and Ravat in a Micheal Jackson outfit moonwalking to Thriller. XD

Getting back on topic:

I wonder if Tendril will be giving himself a makeover to make up for his defeat, like armor or something of that nature. The more I think about it, I don't see why 'Tendril's Demise' would be considered non-canon, even after the re-write. Guess it has something to do with the differing designs.

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