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Subscribe to this thread Photo thread created by JudasScorpioDeMazier on June 6, 2014

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/27/14 8:11pm
That cat needs to go to an AA meeting XD or something along the lines of that.

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PotatoFox7/30/14 4:07am
Your trousers appear to be wet in a very specific area...

Anyway, I took a selfie lol
What's that in the background? Oh, a helicopter belonging to the Queen of England. It is very shiny.

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DanWithTheHat7/30/14 6:04pm
I was worried someone may notice that. XD
That's what happens when you pedal a bike through a forest for hours in 90 degree heat with high humidity. I think I drank almost 1.5 liters of water over the course of 3 hours that day and probably sweat almost all of it out.

I like the crown you thumb is wearing there!

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/31/14 9:38am
Heres some more photos when I went to Mayhem Fest earlier this month :DD

I took pics of Suicide Silence, Body Count, Trivium, Asking Alexandria, and Korn.

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GodofVelcro7/31/14 7:30pm
Judas, your cat reminded me of an old picture that I sadly lost of myself, when I was about 4 years old, passed out in a chair, with a cigarette in my mouth and empty bottles of Vodka laying around. Nobody knew where it came from, but we discovered that the picture was taken at my grandmother's house. Silly grandma.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier8/1/14 7:11am
You mean Dan's cat?

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DanWithTheHat8/1/14 3:53pm
My cat is the drunk one. XD

Edit: The cat in Judas's profile pic does look a bit drunk and/or high though. XD

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GodofVelcro8/1/14 11:08pm
Woops, silly me then. :P

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PotatoFox8/28/14 8:16am
There was an unusual visitor to the airfield today, it appears he has flown in from the Battle of the Somme
Out of curiosity, I asked a few questions
PotatoFox "What's it like to fly?"
Visitor "Fucking awful, but it is a 1914 design"
FoxyPotato "By 1914 standards then, is it nice to fly?"
Visitor "Err... no"
TuberVulpine: "Well, it's got to have more character than my computer designed helicopter. There's no soul"
Visitor: "Oh it has character, more than it's worth!"
Well, I like the look of it.

He then asked help from myself, another student and one of our instructors to push it into a hangar. While pushing the beautifully hand crafted aircraft (which is apparently a horrible POS), it started raining just long enough for us to get to the hangar.
Apparently the UK has been hit by a dissipating hurricane over the past few weeks which has caused large amounts of rainfall and wind across large parts of the country. Business as usual.

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MobileCrusader8/29/14 11:29am
I should have posted the photo of my hat here yesterday. Oh well.

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FoxPhantom8/30/14 12:17pm

Well here is me. sitting in a hollowed out stone chair, that acts as a satellite dish, and can hear the sound of the river from a short distance when sitting in it.

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MobileCrusader8/30/14 1:04pm

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PotatoFox10/3/14 9:19am
I missed the live chat yesterday as I appear to have suddenly gone to the airport and got on this very big plane going to Los Angeles.
This aircraft is an A-380 called XLEE, weighs 570 tonnes and costs 400 million US Dollars. Each engine, the enormous Rolls Royce Trent-970-84 is wider than a 737, costs 15 million dollars and produces 35 tonnes of thrust. Basically, it's a very big plane.
Also, did you know that it is illegal to have no head in LA?

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MobileCrusader10/3/14 9:49am
LA is a cool place, but its way too busy for my tastes. Went there last summer for vacation.

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GodofVelcro10/3/14 10:24pm
I went to Pasadena a few years ago as my band was part of the Rose Bowl Parade. Driving around the city, I realized I could never live there. Too busy, too many people. Bleh.

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