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Subscribe to this thread Photo thread created by JudasScorpioDeMazier on June 6, 2014

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JudasScorpioDeMazier6/6/14 5:05pm
I thought I'd start a thread based on very dumb photos you've come across you want to share among everyone here. And no, this ain't an excuse to prove how awful I am in candid photos.

This is the only picture of me in my yearbook this year -____-

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PotatoFox6/7/14 2:53pm
As a student helicopter pilot, I am frequently out flying learning new maneuvers and techniques.
Today was a very exciting and quite frankly terrifying emergency maneuver called the "EOL", an "Engine Off Landing". Sparing the complex physics, it is basically descending significantly faster than is safe in normal flight until about 50 feet above the ground (at which point I was still doing 110kph).
I made magnificent progress in the EOL today, performing so well I decided to treat myself to some nice ice cream

I enjoyed my ice cream, but there was one problem...

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GodofVelcro6/7/14 10:20pm
I really hope that's not a metal spoon. 0_0

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PotatoFox6/8/14 1:04am
It used to be a metal spoon

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ThatDudesDude6/8/14 8:23am
I guess you thought that there was no spoon :3

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PotatoFox6/8/14 9:04am
I may be a student pilot, but I am still a student. I have very little money for such treats so when I want ice cream, I AM going to have it!

On a side note, would you like to see some British Royal Marines punching each other?

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ThatDudesDude6/8/14 9:20am
I think this was a photo thread, but I'm guessing that you're from Hogwarts and have those moving picture things, so it's fine. Also that was hilarious XD

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JudasScorpioDeMazier6/8/14 10:30am
Is that ABBA playing in the background? XD

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MobileCrusader6/8/14 7:35pm
Here's me from a while back with a TP headband.

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MobileCrusader6/8/14 7:36pm
Here's me a few years ago after a speech meet.

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CoSinus6/9/14 4:19am
Sometimes you scare me Mobile :D

decided to tidy up my room and rearrange parts of the furnishing, here a pic of my PC :

And a photo from the last vacation with my dad :
Our Opel Zafira went through worse places, there was at least still something that could be called "street" :D

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JudasScorpioDeMazier6/9/14 6:26am
You just wen up a notch in my book Mobile XD

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JudasScorpioDeMazier6/9/14 6:28am
Also, toooooootally not jealous of your computer set up Cosinus. I mean goddamn it's nice

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CoSinus6/9/14 7:51am
Wow, new temperature record in my room today xD
33.6C / 92.5F xD

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ThatDudesDude6/9/14 1:16pm
Damn, that computer set up is really cool CoSinus, though that TV looks unhealthy to watch from where you're suppose to sit. Other then that. Really nice :3

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