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Subscribe to this thread Martial Arts created by Canthui on May 22, 2014

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Canthui5/22/14 9:40pm
Correct this if I'm wrong, but this seems like the right place to create this to me.

I was wondering what martial arts and medicine would be like in the DKWorld. The Keepers come in every shape and size so I thought they might have a very different physiology from one to the next. This would make martial arts strange since they'd want to attack/defend different areas and even move in different ways. Would there be martial arts at all?

What do you think?

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CoSinus5/23/14 5:29am
Iīd think martial arts are still present in the DK world, even more because itīs illegal to use your power and most of the advanced weaponry in public.
Or think of the competitive part of it ^^
In our world thereīs nearly no need for martial arts, but itīs still popular, right ?

About the medical part ... theyīre all organic (except nightmares of course), arenīt they ? ^^
Could be like in our world with the normal veterinarian for our pets and those who are specialized on certain species ? :)

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joeden5/23/14 7:01am
Co i have to disagree with you on there's nearly no need for it. There's a need for it, it teaches disipline how to defend yourself from people who mean you harm and society no shortage of assholes perverts and other people of that nature.

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CoSinus5/23/14 7:38am

Got it, then lets say in a well working society thereīs nearly no need for martial arts ? :D

But I partly agree in the point of discipline :)

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Canthui5/23/14 10:52am
They may be all organic, but alot of them aren't 'one' species. look at Grun. Shark, rabbit, I don't know what his legs are. Then there's Harmony, a bug. Bugs are very different. Then theres things like Namah... what is she? I think I also remember seeing something that looked like cousin it from the Adams family at the Anderuna telepad.

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MobileCrusader5/24/14 5:43am
They could all have different outward appearances, but the same general internal organs and such.

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Prometheus5/24/14 9:17am
I would think, in Anduruna, something like martial arts would be restricted only to law enforcement. Seeing as how controlling the government is when it comes to domestic conflict, they don't want street clans or random troublemakers learning martial arts combat since that would only cause problems.

I tend to believe that self-defense in any way in Anduruna will probably land you in even more trouble than the person attacking you.

But, it is an interesting thought regarding martial arts and the different dreamkeepers out there. It would be fun to see an insect like Harmony try to use all four arms.

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FelGrey5/24/14 7:29pm
Most animals in the same category, for example mammals, birds, insects, have the same general anatomy.

I can see similarities to modern mixed martial arts or pankration. Strikes and grappling that is super effective. The variation of opponents is much greater though.

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CalicoYorki7/9/14 9:29pm
I should also like to point out that martial arts is not purely used for self-defense. It is also employed for practice in mental discipline, to be applied to all aspects of life. It is touted to help one reach a sense of fulfillment, and well-being.

I'm actually interested to see this. I imagine that the closer one gets to the Sabbaton towers, the more effective - and costly - medical care gets. I believe Dave mentioned that due to the sheer variety of anatomical features, and the injuries which can result from them, it is very difficult to provide the medical care every single Andurunan citizen requires. If we are to presume that flight-capable bird dreamkeepers are similar to their Waking World avian counterparts, then a fall from the second story could critically injure them!*

* note here that birds have a very light, porous skeletal structure.

Plus, some might have organs in the wrong places, and some might have dangerous qualities that would need to be checked against. Let us say, for example, that Namah needs to be treated for a contusion on her head. We've seen that as a -child,- her horns could grievously wound someone on accident - at her GNS age of 14 years old, they might need to be 'capped' or something for safety. I imagine that, under normal circumstances, her horns would probably be filed down after a certain point much how Vanth's talons seem to be. Actually, since she can't be revealed to the public, that's probably -why- her horns haven't been filed down for nannystate safety: it would mean exposing her to one more person, and one more person is probably a few more too many.

In fact, odd anatomy raises all sorts of problems. What if certain anatomical features arise that need to be surgically removed, like an appendectomy? What about giving birth, if the mother has a Charles Atlas super power like Igrath? God, being a skilled doctor in Anduruna must suck balls.

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DanWithTheHat7/21/14 4:33am
Doctors probably have to rely on xray or CAT scan type of devices to even have the slightest idea of how to treat a disease or injury. I would think the tools they would use would also be very generic so they could work on a wife variety of body types. We can have over 15 varients of a specialized device just to meet all the different human body variations alone at the company I work in.

Now that this thread has me thinking, how would a doctor even attempt surgery on a DK with an exoskeleton like Harmony? That would be insanely difficult to perform.

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ZycantAlpha7/21/14 6:43pm
It might be possible that they would temporarily remove the bone and operate in that space and drill it back in afterwards or add a support plate until it's reformed on its own. Though the latter assumes that DK bones function the same way ours do.

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DanWithTheHat7/22/14 4:17pm
I can picture an old insect DK that is covered in metal plates from previous surgeries/injuries. They would look so badass. Almost like an insect terminator. :)

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ezioauditore977/22/14 8:14pm
That would look rather cool no doubt.I just don't think many people probably survive to have injuries given how powers can be or how powerful(if unwieldy) the regular springers can be but,there are always grazing hits.They do seem advanced in some areas and more behind in others but,not too terribly different from our world's progress.

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MobileCrusader7/23/14 4:58pm
Clockwerk, anyone?

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DanWithTheHat7/23/14 6:14pm
Clockwerk would be an awesome Dark DK. ^^

I was thinking about the martial arts DKs would do and my guess would be that DKs with similar builds would have their own disciplines of martial arts. That way, they would be able to learn techniques/moves that will be the most efficient for their body type.

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