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Subscribe to this thread Random things that have happened to you. created by GodofVelcro on May 10, 2014

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GodofVelcro5/10/14 9:48pm
This just happened to me, and I wanted to share it with you guys, and decided I may as well make a thread about it. Basically anything that has happened to you during daily life, that has made no sense or without any reason, good or bad or in-between. Random things.

So here's mine:

It was around lunch, I had a pizza in the oven and my parents were out shopping. As I was aimlessly wandering the kitchen, the door opens and some random lady I have never seen before walks in saying, "I'm here early for the party". I, in a state of near-complete confusion, tell her that there is no party, but offer some pizza. She declines, and says she will go to her car and check her calender to see if she is in the right place. She walks out and doesn't come back. The weirdest thing was, I never saw a car enter or leave my driveway.

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MobileCrusader5/11/14 6:52pm
That's so odd... I usually knock first.

I have all sorts of bizarre tidbits in my life. I'll be sure to post them here as they come now.

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Salahir5/13/14 9:57am
Eh, do you leave your front door open? In Germany you can't enter a house or apartment without ringing the door bell.

Well, last year in September I got a call 2 am in the morning. It was free time after the exams, so I just still played a game to relax. I got a phone call on my smartphone. Just thought some of my crazy friends are trying to call me just for fun or while they're drunk on an uni party.
Got that call, but there was a female voice on the phone I've never heard, no woman from my semester, my friends or something. Said, that she's happy to hear bout me and said a name I don't remembered.
At this time I still thought, it's some misdial. Said, that she's wrong and should call again with the right number. She still claimed, that she knows me and said my name. There things got weird. Okay, with my semester full of women I thought I may forgot some names (but my voice memory is pretty good). I still answered that I don't know her, it is 2 am and not a good time for jokes. Then she got sad, that I don't remember her while we met on a larp con and played together. There. never. was. her. name.
Never. She knew details she shouldn't know if someone wasn't there. I hanged up.
Later I checked her name on the visitor list again. Nothing. I asked the host. He didn't know her. I even played her voice to friends and checked, if someone tried to trick me or knows her from larp gaming. No one recognized her. I even asked around my uni friends. It was no voice I ever heard. I never heard of her again.

If someone tried to trick me, it was a strange trick, without jokes afterwards and the typical Haha-effect. Just plain weird.

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MobileCrusader5/15/14 9:22am
I have just woken up from a nap time dream and need to tell someone about it.
In this dream, I'm standing in a forest. The trees are all dead, lifeless and baren but still standing. The ground is populated only by moss, lichen covered stone, and dead bushes.
As I look up, I see an overcast and turbulent sky full of chocolate brown clouds that spin and tumble and swirl. The sun shines dimly through the clouds for a moment, and the brush around me lights ablaze. Everything is a jumping mess of reds and oranges and browns. The trees begin to splinter and explode, showering the land with their dead and rotting innards.
The fires turn to steams of flame that jump from exposing tree to exploding tree, and I step out of my body as I lie down, watching the fire creatures consume me.
Trippy as fuck.

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GodofVelcro5/15/14 2:59pm
This was a while ago, and I just remembered: I got on my laptop after school, and every single icon space on the desktop, every folder, and about 20 tabs of Chrome all are filled with a song called "Cum Monolith". I never heard the song, nor knew it existed. It was incredibly confusing, and somewhat terrifying.

Later that day, I asked a friend about it and he said that when I went off to get lunch, I left my computer on, and he spammed the song everywhere. The mystery was, sadly, solved.

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Canthui5/15/14 3:56pm
Ooo, dreams are good. I had this dream the other day where I worked in a corner grocery shop. The weird thing about it was that I was a completely different person. I can still remember my face and it wasn't like me at all. My personality was different too, but I was definitely the person. I was thinking his thoughts and everything. I went outside at one point and looked at the stars. I realized the constellations were wrong and that let me know I was dreaming which woke me up... I still can't figure out where in the world that dream came from. I felt strange for a few days after that.

Also, Velcro. I always wanted to pull that prank on someone.

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FelGrey5/19/14 1:27pm
Interesting strangeness. Heres one of mine:

Around 6 years ago, I was living at my parents in the mountains. If i wanted to talk om my cell phone, i had to walk around half a mile uphill to where the hill crested and i got 4 bars of signal. I was talking with a friend for around half an hour, laying on my back and looking at the stars. Suddenly, a stationary "star" started to move after being still for the entire time I was looking. It picked up speed and faded out, as if it had passed into the earth's shadow.

shortly after, my 4 bars of service disappeared, and I had no signal. I didn't get it back for almost ten minutes.

I was hiding in the woods by then, at this point I was terrified that aliens were going to try and abduct me.

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ThatDudesDude6/4/14 5:58am
About six months ago on new years eve, I was celebrating with 3 of my friends at one of their houses. Now 2 of these guys got reaaaaaally drunk when we where out taking a walk and started to tell their life's stories, over and over again. This is not by any means random, if anything it was expected. However, the unexpected and random thing was that my third friend who was not drunk decided that this was a good time to tell his life story as well as the two git's who was now making love to the nearest tree (Okay they were taking a really weird piss). And when he was done telling me his story one of the other guys went up to us and punched me in the face.

Now the lesson here people is. Avoid. The. Whiskey!

We agreed to never speak of this again. Still one of the best days of my life XD

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Anarchy6/10/14 12:18am
A few years ago I was on holiday with my family and my brother stole a cue ball. We got back to the caravan and 10 minutes later he is laughing psychotically whilst painting this cue ball with my mums nail polish. I laughed so much i nearly died from suffocating

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GodofVelcro6/11/14 5:50pm
So today was the last day of school, I got home, went to the bathroom, and as I was walking back by the windows, I saw a train of 9 cars pull into my driveway. My friends decided suddenly to have a LAN party. At my house. Without me knowing. My parents were ok with it though, so it was a pretty fun day.

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MobileCrusader6/27/14 9:41am
For those of you unaware, I am a university student. Im going into my second year of computer engineering this fall, and im busy applying for financial aid.
During my first year at uni, i decided not to work. This has ended up being one of the worst decisions of my life for a multitude of reasons, but lately it has come back to bite me because of the lack of a tax return. It has thrown the financial aid department of my uni for a loop, and i have had to do all sorts of surplus paperwork to make amends to them.
Wednesday morn, i received an email from Trine reminding me to finish the Financial Aid paperwork. It was nearing completion, so i decided to go ahead and knock it out that morning so i would not have to worry about it any further. I wish now that i could return to the level of innocence i was living in at that time.
Following my uni's instructions, i set off to the IRS website, followed a few links to try and get a Tax Return Transcript. I soon found i needed an account to have it emailed to me, so i set about making one. It is not a short process, but i did it. That is, until i reached a screen that intended to verify my identity through the means of third party clients. It asked four questions that were deceptively simple.
Firstly, it asked for the name of the bank that had supplied me with my non-subsidized student loan. I personally had no god damn idea who had supplied it, so i contacted the agency through which my loan had been given, and started backtracking the money (after taking a half hour to update my address information). I was successful eventually. The second question asked for the name of the bank that had supplied my subsidized loan, so i threw myself back into the frey.
When i reached the third question, i was taken aback. It claimed that in 2010 i had registered for a gas card, and wanted to know what gas chain it was through. First off, ive never had a gas card. Second, i couldnt drive in 2010. I couldnt drive until last summer because i didnt learn until i was 18.
I had to correct this information, and set about looking for a help line or a customer service number to call and remedy it. I was not successful in this endeavor. After a few hours of phonecalls and websites, i opted to call my Financial Aid office for any tips they could provide. They told me to abandon my plight and just ask for a snailmail transcript because it didnt require an account.
The mail link refused to accept my address (Which i knew was correct because it worked on the email run). I knew that no help would be found, so i decided to call my local IRS office for advice, and to ask for their help.
The number was easy to find. I called it and was greeted with a machine that listed the hours of operation, the options available in office, and informed me that phone calls were not answered at this office before promptly hanging up on me.
I curled up in a ball on my bed and let the sweet embrace of neutrality take me. I had sat down at 8:00 am, and it was now 3:00 pm. i had accomplished exactly jack shit in my 7 hours of frustrating work.
After a night of restless sleep, i awoke at 7:50 am to take my siblings to my grandmas house. It was going to be a long day, and i knew it.
I set off from my grandmother's house at 8:15 towards the nearest IRS office. I arrived at about 8:50, long past their opening hours.
When i entered the office, i was struck by its emptiness. It was in a building with several suites, all of which were empty (besides the IRS suite in the very back of the building).
As i entered the IRS suite, i realized there were only two people there: Myself, and an aging police officer that looked confused and disgruntled at once.
"What are you doing here?" The officer inquired with an air of agitation.
"I need a tax return transcript. I think." I replied, eyeing the empty office with concern.
"Mmm. Take a number." The officer replied, motioning with his chin to the electronic ticket roll. I did, and then took a seat in the empty lobby as number 852. I eyed the "Now Serving" monitor, which read 400, with a mix of fear and confusion.
As i was gawking about the office, the security guard stood and walked to the corner of the room, then took out a cell phone and placed a call, speaking quietly and glancing over his shoulder at me with distaste.
As the minutes rolled by, a few other citizens arrived, taking numbers and sitting in the sparsely populated lobby.
At about 9:30, a group of people arrived. They were dressed formally, and all had name tags. I realized they were the agents or accountants or whatever title the IRS gives its employees. They stared at me with about as much confusion as I was showing, then hurridly shuffled behind the counter.
After a few minutes, i was called up. The number on the now serving monitor never changed, and i shook my head at the ridiculousness of it all.
The man i was seated with was young and really tried to help me, but it became appearant that he had no idea what he was doing when i asked to update my address before anything else. The address had caused me major issues, and i no longer wanted it to be a problem.
This process, which consisted of filling out a form and handing it to the man, who then entered it into his PC, took about a half an hour. It was now 10:00 am, and i was ready to try and get my Tax Return Transcript.
I explained my situation to the man, making it a point to say that i had not filed a tax return. He informed me that "this was going to take no time at all!" and "was a very simple procedure, ten minutes tops!"
It did not take ten minutes.
After an indeterminate length of time spent staring confusedly at the PC monitor, the man finally articulated his confusion.
"So... you need a tax return transcript for, like school right?"
"Uh - huh." (Clacks around on keyboard for a bit. "Are you sure you made a tax return this year?"
"No, i explicitly told you i did not place a tax return this year."
"Mm-hmm. So, you know that you can only get a tax return transcript if you, you know, actually do a tax return?"
"No. Noone told me that. I dont even really know what as Tax Return Transcript is."
"Well... I dont really know what to do for you kid. Let me just..." (stands) "Find someone that does...."
After a bit, a new, older man comes. I explain my needs, and everything that has just happened (as he completely ignores me). Then he leaves with the same line.
Rinse and repeat for a total of five times.
Finally the branch manager comes. He is a quiet gentleman that doesnt say a word to me as i explain, and leaves without so much as a nod. The original man returns.
"Yea, sorry kid, but we dont really know what to do for you. I guess we could write you a letter saying you didnt file taxes and cant get a transcript, but i dont know if that will work."
"Do it. good enough."
He then pulls up word and types me out a short letter, prints it off, and signs it. I am on my way out of his cubicle as the clock chimes noon.
"And kid, next time, just use the website."
>MFW (

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CoSinus6/29/14 6:38am
Mobile, if you havenīt up to now, start a story! xD
*Confusing ways of life*
Sorry but I couldnīt stop laughing after reading this, as terrible as the whole situation may be it sounds like a short chapter of a great story :D

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PotatoFox6/30/14 4:40am
I recently performed my first solo flight in a helicopter, my mother had this to say
"How did it go?... you haven't deaded yourself so it must have been successful"
She is the special needs director at a preschool on a nearby military base.

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ZycantAlpha6/30/14 5:55pm
This is a sort of brief legend that my Calculus teacher told us about. Apparently, there was at one point a congressman that wanted to pass a regulation to change the value of Pi to 3 so students could have an easier time learning it. This is apparently just a myth, but still.

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GodofVelcro6/30/14 9:39pm
You made my day Mobile.
Earlier today, my mom and I were sitting on the couch, watching TV. My mom eyes the cat and says, "Do you think that if you can hold her down, I can vacuum her?" I thought she was kidding. 20 minutes later, and much lacerations, I knew she was not.

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