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Subscribe to this thread My/Your Dream DK Videos in GMod or SFM created by Prometheus on May 10, 2014

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Vandorbelt7/16/15 11:26am
You know, I've played around with stuff like this before, but was never able to work up the patience to get gud at modeling. Perhaps, though... perhaps... This may motivate me to give it a go. I suck at texturing though, so unless someone has experience doing UV unwrapping and texturing, then even if I can model stuff it will be a blank model.

Gimme a character to start because I'd like to give it a go...

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Prometheus7/16/15 12:05pm
*Angellic choir* :D

That is way too generous of you. But, if you want to give it a shot yourself, you could start with Mace if you want. He's small and not too detailed. I'm not sure if there's a feature in Gmod or SFM where you can remove a model's clothes. It would be easier to make a Mace model with his jacket removable, so we can avoid having to make a shirtless Mace separately. But, I'm not sure if that's even a thing. I also hope that transferring models between Gmod and SFM is a thing since I intend to use both programs for DK videos whenever I can get around to obtaining those programs. Not to mention having to download or buy/download a movie maker program as well as sound editing software.

You know, I'm thinking about making this a non-profit, just-for-fun, collaborative effort. Since you're offering to make a blank model, I might be able to find someone to do the textures and colors. Not sure how this could even work, but it just sounds like an awesome idea. :D

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Prometheus7/27/15 1:55pm
Another far-fetched plot of mine. >:D

A DK parody of the chase scene in Disney's Aladdin with Aladdin, Abu and the guards. Only Aladdin and Abu will be replaced with Mace and Whip, Azul would be replaced with Cmdr. Cal, and the rest of the guards replaced with shock troopers. XP

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Kirito7/27/15 7:05pm
Gotta keep
One jump ahead of the Troopers,
One shot ahead of the spring,
They steal only what they can't afford...

(that's everything!)

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Prometheus8/2/15 1:28pm

Pfffft, I plan on doing the whole thing right up to the guards landing in the "fertilizer." XD

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Prometheus9/10/15 8:42pm
Another idea of mine that may never see the light of day. XP

For those in the know, there is a plethora of "Vicious Cycle" GMod videos that originated from the GMod video "The Vicious Cycle of 2fort."


I hope to make a "Vicious Cycle" video of my own that covers the first act of the DreamKeepers series, from 1 to 4, start to finish. Needless to say, this is a rather ambitious idea for someone with no experience or drive whatsoever, but this idea I would love to try to create. XD

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Prometheus9/29/15 10:37pm
I have another ambitious dream in mind. This one I REEEEALLY want to do. XD

I'm thinking of a DK parody of the red band trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It will feature various scenes from the novels as well as non-canon scenes of my own design. I even plan to have some of it voice acted; make this a real [fan-made] trailer for the series. :D

MGSV Red Band trailer and parody trailers of other MGS games:

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Prometheus12/19/15 10:02pm
So, another interesting idea I conjured. This one I got from listening to music.

I hope to make a fake DVD menu, in SFM, of a Dreamkeepers film with a rotating format similar to the first Transformers DVD menu. This is the song that spawned this idea and will be used as the menu theme. XD

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AFox2/26/16 3:24pm
Just thought I'd add to the thread...I'm planning to try and use the Source Filmmaker myself, but haven't got a computer strong enough to use it with yet, I'm working on it though...anyone have any luck with making a Dreamkeepers SFM model?

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Prometheus2/26/16 8:18pm

Haven't heard much in regards to models being made available. Then again, I haven't bothered to search through the Steam Workshop yet. But, I doubt anything has been produced as of now. Our fanbase is still deep in the forest of obscurity.

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AFox2/29/16 10:55am

I haven't either, and I also doubt anyone would produce the models themselves unless any DK fans learned how to make models...personally, I plan to do some animations with characters from the graphic novel I'm trying to develop,if I can get good with the filmmaker...since I don't know how to make models myself, I was planning to find and pay someone who does to make the needed stuff. Not sure at all how much it'd cost to do...if anyone wanted to try that approach in regards to Dreamkeepers models, I'd certainly be willing to pitch in, I even know of a guy who, on DA built the Orphanage into a custom map for Left 4 Dead's not much, but since that was likely made on the Source Engine, it should be compatible with the filmmaker.

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Prometheus3/6/16 8:02pm

Commissioning for models to be made and ported could also work. But, I don't know the going rate for 3D models myself. The amount of work it would take to have the models produced, then ported over to Gmod and SFM with movable rigs would probably be factored in to the price.

It's great that there is an orphanage map out there. While it could use some updating now that we have better views of the orphanage, it's amazing that somebody went and made the map. If we can get this guy or somebody else to make other maps, like the antechamber with the Viscount's office, Igrath's house, the Troika base, Lilith and Namah's rooms, the Archives, etc. we could really do some special things with this series.

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AFox3/6/16 8:26pm
@ Prometheus

Indeed, but that's what searching is for, I myself have an account at a Source Filmmaker model site I could send you a link to, contact some of the makers there and see what they'll go for, I'm fully aware that making the models might take a bit, but I could come up with money to help produce a couple models if anyone were interested and we had enough prep time, in fact these'd be easier if multiple people pitched in...who knows, perhaps I could even take the experience as a reference for when I buy models for myself.

Oh totally :) did you see it yet? If not, take a look it'll likely use some updates, but yeah, if you can find a guy who knows how to make these maps, we could all have ourselves a grand old time! And make plenty of Dreamkeepers Source Filmmaker videos, which could be not only enjoyable for the fandom, but also add to it as've seen some well made Source Filmmaker videos, right?

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Prometheus3/6/16 9:27pm

Oh, I've seen a plethora of Gmod and SFM videos. SFM takes on a more movie-based role while Gmod is mostly reserved for slapstick humor.

If we can get some Dreamkeepers SFM videos cranked out, we could garner a LOT of attention to the series. At the very least, the Steam community might take a shine to it.

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AFox3/7/16 1:43pm
@ Prometheus

As have I, and I've been observing them truth you can use SFM for slapstick too, but I have my ultimate goal set on bigger fish than that. I plan to make more like miniature movies, but I could explain that later.

Oh I agree :) if we got some made the series will gain much more attention...however, bare in mind that the most important thing about gathering attention is that the videos have to be good, so it's best one get more experience before making them, but if you have that experience, you will be able to make some asskicking stuff, I personally would love to (among other things) attempt to make a TF2 vs. Troika video if I develop good skills, have the right visual effects for powers, and of course have the models.

Also, would you like a link to that site I mentioned?

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