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Subscribe to this thread My/Your Dream DK Videos in GMod or SFM created by Prometheus on May 10, 2014

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Prometheus5/10/14 11:52am
Sorry I've been alot more silent than usual. Had a god-awful finals week, so I haven't had much to say.

Anyways, this thread has been in my head for a while.

GMod [or Garry's Mod] and SFM [Source Filmmaker] are programs that use models, objects, textures, maps and other material from various PC games so you can create your own fan-made trailers, cutscenes or just silly home movies.

GMod Example:

SFM Example:

I'm really hoping if I ever stop being the slow-minded retard that I am (lol), I would like to attempt to create some working models of the Main Five protagonists of DreamKeepers; as well as models of Igrath, Bobby and Vi. One idea of a SFM video I have is a parody of the Justice League Season 1 intro featuring those eight characters.

Here is the JL intro along with an SFM parody that was made using the Team Fortress 2 cast:

Another SFM idea I have would be a parody of the Batman Beyond intro centered around my Pulse fanfiction.

So, there you go! These have been in my head for weeks and weeks and I've been dying to share them. As the title of this thread implies, if you're aware of GMod and SFM and have had your own thoughts of a DK video, share those thoughts here. :)

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MobileCrusader5/11/14 6:53pm
I wish I owned GMod sometimes.

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Prometheus5/12/14 12:41pm
Same here. It'll probably be some time before I can even get around to getting the program. I think SFM is free-to-use, but I don't know the details on that. I don't even think my PC's have the proper specs to handle the software. It's probably going to be a few years before I can get around to these dream vids of mine. XD

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MobileCrusader5/12/14 6:39pm
I have the graphical capacity, I'd wager. My Rig is untested in that regard.

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Korangar5/13/14 3:39am
We need models, we have to find or make them. And i'm not a modder so it's mean i'm hopeless :(

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FoxPhantom5/13/14 10:23am
SFM is free to use, but you would need steam to use it on. Gmod is 10.00, but a bit older, which also required steam.

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MobileCrusader5/13/14 6:00pm
Steams no issue for 99% of this place.

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ThatDudesDude6/1/14 5:27am
Imagine a Namah model creeping on the walls in a room where the lights are dimmed, stalking some unfortunate soul (maybe Bill!). Sounds spectacularly creepy in my mind hehe :)

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GodofVelcro6/1/14 9:28pm
I'm terrible with GMod, otherwise I would attempt to do something.

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Prometheus6/25/14 5:04pm
I have no experience with it at all. XD Hopefully, I'll find the time to get it and play around with it. Either I'll make my dreams come true or I'll have to pay someone to make them true. XD

Anyways, I just feel the need to post the following GMod video:

If you're looking for an explanation to the true meaning of life, this is the video for you. XD

(Please disregard that above statement. XD)

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Prometheus7/15/15 8:14pm
So, another awesome idea I just came up with. Based off this little vid by someone who's done some odd Gmod videos in the past.

The video I have in mind would be reminescent of the one linked above. Mace, shirtless and covered in blood with an aqua halo and glowing aqua eyes is staring down a Mokoi in a burning, war-torn area. The camera goes back and forth between Mace's face and the Mokoi's, getting closer with each transition. A grim, ominous tune is playing in the background. When suddenly,...


The scene instantly transitions to Mace, Bast, Bobby, Karo, Woods, and Bill, all shirtless and wearing sunglasses, doing the Gangman dance with Gangman Style playing in the background. Multi-colored club lights are shining all around with sparkler pyrotechnics.

The camera then zooms out from a computer screen and turns around to point at fursonas of me and the rest of the more active forum/Skype members. After a few seconds, everyones heads (except mine) will explode from the sheer sexiness of the six hottest DK guys in the novel on the computer screen. XP

Yes, I know that bit with the fursonas is pushing it since that would be practically impossible. It would probably take forever to create a model of everyone's fursona, if they even have one. XP

Anyway, there is a working Gangman Style animation, which is shown here with some clones from Star Wars:

So, that's my newest Gmod musing. I would LOVE to create models of the DK cast and play around with them a bit, but I know that's going to take a shit ton of patience and self-esteem; two things I'm not known for. XD We'll see, though. I'll probably end up paying someone to make them in the end. X'D

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Kirito7/15/15 8:19pm
"everyones heads (except mine) will explode from the sheer sexiness of the six hottest DK guys in the novel on the computer screen"

Bruh. You know it.

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Prometheus7/15/15 8:35pm
X'D Yeah. And, here I thought you'd be mad about no Evzen. XP

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Kirito7/15/15 8:47pm

I think Woods and Bast would be enough sexy for me- if Evzen was in there who knows what might happen to my brain. @-@

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Prometheus7/16/15 11:25am
HAHA! XD Maybe when V5 comes out, I'll throw him in. Since he's due for a GNS appearance in the next book, I'll have a good idea of what he looks like. XP

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